Materiales de Construcción, Vol 32, No 185 (1982)

En torno a las cenizas volantes en los cementos y en los hormigones, a la luz de un trabajo presentado en el 7º. Congreso Internacional de la Química de los Cementos

José Calleja


With reference to some comments recently made by the well known and informed author A. VIRELLA BLODA in a wide and detailed report on the Congress referred to, published in the Technical Review CEMENTO-HORMIGON, concerning the Round Table of Theme IV: POZZOLANAS AND FLY-ASHES and particularly to a paper presented under this item, the author of this work makes some personal considerations on pozzolanas in general and particularly on fly-ashes, dealing with general aspects of them, and more specifically with those related to reinforcement corrosion, which is the main object of the mentioned paper.

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