Materiales de Construcción, Vol 53, No 269 (2003)

Effect of three natural pozzolans in portland cement hydration

V. Rahhal
Departamento de Ingeniería Civil Facultad de Ingenicría-U.N.C.P.B.A., Argentina, Argentina

R. Talero
Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción E. Torroja (C.S.I.C), Spain


Natural pozzolans have been used since ancient times and continues to be used today. The chemistry and morphological composition of natural pozzolans and their particle size distribution allows classifying them as more or less reactive pozzolan. In this research several techniques have been used to study the influence of pozzolan on portland cement hydration as much as to evaluate the mechanical and durable properties of concretes, mortars and pastes containing pozzolans. This paper describes the effect of incorporating three natural pozzolans to two cements with very different mineralogical composition. The techniques used were: conduction calorimetry and Fratini test. Results proved that pozzolanic activity and the acceleration and retardation of hydration reaction depend on the mineralogical composition of the portland cernent used. Effects of dilution, stimulation, acceleration or retardation reactions, behavior into areas of heat dissipation and pozzolanic activity depend on the percentage of pozzolan used and the age in which it has been analyzed.


natural pozzolans ; conduction calorimetry ; stimulation ; disipation

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