Materiales de Construcción, Vol 53, No 270 (2003)

Modifications in concrete superficial properties due to the use of different formworkrelease agents and plastic additives

A. Beltramone
Univ. Nacional de Rosario, Argentina, Spain

F. A. García Cruz
Univ. Autónoma de Baja California, México, Mexico

A. García Santos
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain


The actual research study, carried out in the Laboratory of Construction Materials of the ETSAM., analyses the modifications in superficial properties (regarding colour and texture) of grey Portland cement mortars due to the use of different formworks release agents (car oil, mineral oil and paraffin) and to the addition of plastic superplasticiser to the mixture (Bettor and Sika trademarks). Once the test samples were obtained, a digital registration was made by giving them values in terms of colour and texture observed changes using computer programmes, referring those values to the test specimen (only cement, no additives). A migration of the polymeric particles of the additives towards the surface was observed, presenting the following modifications: Colour: darker hues than those of the test specimen sample were registered in the specimens with additives. Texture: the texture of the test specimen containing additives such as modified polycarboxilic ethers, polycarboxilic ethers; modified organic polymers and modified synthetic melamine were much smoother than the one in test specimen. Test specimens containing melamine, condensed naftalensulphate and polycarboxilic derivatives were a bit rougher but still smoother than the test specimen. The same variation of results as for the colour properties was obtained for the texture as regards to the use of formworks release agents, varying from smoothest to roughest with the car oil.


cement derivates; mortar superplasticiser additives; formworks release agents; mortars surface properties; texture and colour

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