Materiales de Construcción, Vol 53, No 271-272 (2003)

Static modulus of elasticity of concrete measured by the ultrasonic method

G. S. Sena Rodrigues
Escuela de Ingeniería Civil de la Universidad Federal de Goiás, Brazil

E. Pazini Figueiredo
Escuela de Ingeniería Civil de la Universidad Federal de Goiás, Brazil


Lately, a huge number of accidents caused by problems found in the durability of concrete structures due to inappropriate project design, lack of control of quality during the project \s execution, inadequate maintenance practices and an aggressive environment has been reported. This finding has required from the professionals constant inspections and evaluations of the real conditions of all concrete structures. In order to perform those inspections, one should know not only the elastic modulus to analyze the concrete structural behaviour but also to investigate its performance, since the strains may yield cracks able to compromise the durability- of structures. Non-destructive testing techniques, particularly the ultrasonic testing, are performed to evaluate and determine the quality of a concrete structure or element. Currently, such essays have been widely researched and analyzed all over the world because they enable the examination of structures without damaging them. The purpose of the present study was to correlate the ultrasonic pulse velocity and the elastic modulus of several concrete specimens molded with a range of water-cement ratios, different kinds of aggregates and curing methods. All the concrete specimens were tested in different ages to determine the pulse velocity and the static modulus of elasticity standardized according to KBR 8522, through mechanical extensometers, electrical strain gauge and LVTD inductive transducer.


concrete; ultrasound; ultrasonic pulse velocity; elastic modulus; static modulus of elasticity; dynamic modulus of elasticity

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