Materiales de Construcción, Vol 53, No 271-272 (2003)

Remaining structural capacity of concrete beams with localized corrosion of the embedded reinforcing steel

A. A. Torres-Acosta
Instituto Mexicano del Transporte, México, Mexico

M. Martínez-Madrid
Instituto Mexicano del Transporte, México, Mexico

A. Muñoz-Noval
Universidad Marista de Querétaro, Mexico


This work presents an experimental investigation which correlates the flexure load capacity loss of reinforced concrete beams with the amount of steel cross section loss due to localized corrosion of the embedded steel. Concrete beams (100x150x1500 mm) with the central portion contaminated by chlorides, placed during mixing of the concrete, were used in this investigation. By applying a 200 µA/cm2 constant anodic current for approximately 48 to 183 days, further acceleration of the corrosion process was achieved. After the corrosion-acceleration period was over, the specimens were tested in flexure under three-point loading. In addition, the average corrosion penetration, χAVER* estimated for each corroded beam from gravimetric metal loss. The results obtained show a decrease as high as 20% in the flexure load capacity values from the localized corroded specimens with only 14% of re bar radius loss.


cracking; flexure load capacity; reinforced concrete; accelerated corrosion; concrete durability

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