Materiales de Construcción, Vol 53, No 271-272 (2003)

National Theatre, historical monument of Brasilia. Case study.

E. Fonseca Silva
Facultad de Tecnología de la Universidad de Brasilia. Dept. de Ingeniería Civil, Brazil

A. C. F. Coimbra
Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo de la Universidad de Brasilia. Dept. de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Brazil

M. Ribas Silva
Centro Tecnológico; Universidad Federal de Espirito Santo, Brazil

J. Kropp
Hoschule Bremen, University of Applied Sciences, Building Materials Laboratory, Germany


This work is part of an International Cooperation Agreement for the conservation of historical monuments made of reinforced concrete in Brasilia. This research is based on a routine inspection of the National Theatre of Brasilia, a city recognized by UNESCO in 1987 as world cultural heritage. The structure, entirely made of reinforced concrete, was conceived by architect Oscar Niemeyer, and has a total of 48 m of height and 42,000 m2 of constructed area. After examining the available documentation, the existing damage was then identified and mapped. The concrete shows a good state of conservation, with the exception of some regions of the structure: the damages found were exposed armature, oxidation of armature, infiltration, mold and efflorescence.


conservation of historical monuments; concrete on architecture; inspection on concrete structure

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