Materiales de Construcción, Vol 52, No 267 (2002)

Tests to characterize the behaviour of natural stone in contact with water

C. Vielba Cuerpo
Dpto. de Infraestructura, Sistemas Aeroespaciales y Aeropuertos. E.U.I.T. Areronáutica. U.P.M., Spain

F. Hernández Olivares
Dpto. de Construcción y Tecnología Arquitectónica. E.T.S. Arquitectura de Madrid. U.P.M., Spain


This paper presents an experimental analysis of the stone behaviour in contact with water in the different construction uses. In any of these cases is analyse how the water penetrates into the material. As a result of the study the need of modification of the UNE test standards is concluded. It is proposed a procedure to determinate the material's properties and a method to compare and analyse the result obtained that keep into consideration the climate factors. The method have been applied to sandstone of Villamayor (Spain) showing its utility in the analysis of the stone properties.


stone; moisture; porosity; capillarity

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