Materiales de Construcción, Vol 50, No 257 (2000)

Reproducción en cámara climática de las formas de alteración más frecuentes detectadas en materiales graníticos, en clima de tendencia continental

A. C. Íñigo

M. A. Vicente
IRNA-CSIC (Salamanca), Spain

V. Rives
IRNA-CSIC (Salamanca), Spain


This present work tries to reproduce, through test of controlled conditions in accelerate aging, reproducing the most frequent ambients in places affected by a clime of continental tendency, the more common forms of deterioration in historical interesting buildings, constructed with granitic rocks in those places.
We analyze the changes in the rocks nature and properties (intensity and rapidity), produced in different experiences.
In this study, realized on "sensu lato" granites, we come to the conclusion that the deterioration due to cold/hot and frost/defrosting processes is quite slow and not much appreciable within a short time, whereas if the phenomena of salts crystallization in the rocks occurs, the deterioration is rapid and intense.

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