Materiales de Construcción, Vol 49, No 255 (1999)

Conservation study of the stone material used in the Culture House of Almirante Oquendo, in San Sebastian

L. Rodríguez-Maribona
Centro Tecnológico LABEIN, Spain

M. Zalbide
Centro Tecnológico LABEIN, Spain

F. García Garmilla
Dpto. Petrología/Univ. País Vasco, Spain

J. A. Ibáñez
Dpto. Petrología/Univ. País Vasco, Spain

S. Garín
Teusa-Tecpropasa Euskadi, S. A., Spain


The historical heritage of our country is mainly made up of masonry, playing the sandstones an important role. However, because of the effect of environmental conditions and pollution, these materials can loose their cement, and eventually disintegrate. Chemical consolidants can be applied in order to prevent and stop these decay process, which, when there is a lack of cement, fix the stone grains, enhancing the strength and durability of the In order to ensure the success of the application of these products in restoration works, preliminary studies should he carried out, so as to define the suitability of their use, and select the most appropriate consolidant for each specific case, as the reliability of these products is mainly determined by the microstructure of the stone material under study.
This paper describes a study which was carried out on Igueldo sandstone from the main façade of the Casa de Cultura del Almirante Oquendo, in San Sebastian, which aimed at establishing the most suitable consolidation technique for the stone degradation processes observed.
Firstly, the study dealt with the diagnosis of the pathologies which affected the stone from this building. Furthermore, 6 commercial consolidants were tested on quarry stone.
Finally, the results were validated applying these products in real work conditions, what enabled us to select the most appropriate treatment for the restoration of the main façade of the building.

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