Materiales de Construcción, Vol 48, No 249 (1998)

Solid State compatibilities in CaO-CaO∙Al2O3-CaF2 system

M. T. Blanco-Varela
Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción "Eduardo Torroja"-CSIC, Spain

S. Jiménez Molina
Repsol Química, Spain


In open atmosphere the two phases containing fluorine, C11A7∙CaF2 and 3CA∙CaF2, laying in the CaO-CaO∙Al2O3-CaF2 were synthesized. The synthesis of the 3CA∙CaF2 at 1.100°C was possible without loss of F, when the stoichiometric mixture of CA and CaF2 was pressed into tablets and was applied vacuum, avoiding in such a way the presence of moisture. According to TGA studies, the vapour pressure of phases containing fluorine, at 1.100°C is very low and follows this sequence: CaF2 < 3CACaF2 < C11A7∙CaF2. At 1.000°C the system behaves as condensated.
Verification of some compatibilities in solid state in the system CaO-CaO∙Al2O3-CaF2 at 1000°C has been done.
Compatibility triangles found are the same described by Chaterjee, and different from the compatibilities given by Brisi and Rolando.

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