Materiales de Construcción, Vol 45, No 238 (1995)

Porosidad libre en granitos alterados: Comentarios a las normas

A. C. Íñigo Íñigo

S. Vicente Tavera
Univ. de Salamanca, Spain

V. Rives Arnau
Univ. de Salamanca, Spain

M. A. Vicente Hernández


In the present paper, the possible relation among some petrophysical properties of five types of granitic materials, whether artificially aged or not, subject to different consolidation and/or water repellent treatments, has been studied.
The study indicates a good correlation among imibition values and porosity (free and total). Likewise, correlation exists between apparent density and total porosity.
Differences in relative variation of imbibition values and free porosity when treating samples, advise about modification or enlargment of standards for materials with high microporosity index.

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