Materiales de Construcción, Vol 45, No 237 (1995)

Carbonation of mortars of aluminous cement under various alkaline conditions

Andrés Yagüe Viana
Dpt Ing. de la Const UPC, Spain

Enric Vázquez Ramonich
Dpt Ing. de la Const UPC, Spain


The aim was to reproduce, in an accelerated way in the laboratory, the transformations of what is known as alkaline hydrolysis and observe the results on the properties of the system. To do this, mortars of aluminous cement were made up, a part of which underwent thermic treatment. They were then carbonated under various alkaline conditions. The different carbonation conditions produce different crystalline forms. Significant losses in resistance are also detected as well as increases in porosity, especially high in the mortars which undergo thermic treatment and are in contact with a strong alkaline medium.

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