Materiales de Construcción, Vol 44, No 234 (1994)

The sulphate resistance of the portland cements and their grinding fineness degree: analysis of their relation

R. Talero

J. Palacios

J. E. Morales


This work has demonstrated the great influence that the specific surface of a Portland cement has on its qualification as a high or low resistance to sulfate ion attack - SIA, by means of the accelerated method ASTM C 452.
For that purpose two Portland cements have been tested by means of that method. A Portland cement PY (3,83% C3A) (Type V(2)) with 3 different specific surfaces.
The experimental results obtained have demonstrated that, according to the ASTM C452-68 method, a Portland Cement Type III(2) can be qualified as from Type V(2), and vice verse, according to its specific surface being adequated, or not, for each objective.

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