Mechanical properties of hot bituminous mixes manufactured with recycled aggregate of Silestone® waste


  • M. C. Rubio Universidad de Granada
  • A. Menéndez Universidad de Granada
  • F. Moreno Universidad de Granada
  • A. Belmonte Sacyr
  • A. Ramírez Sacyr



waste recycling, bituminous mixes, mechanical properties, recycled aggregates


This article presents the results of a research project which analyzes the viability of incorporating waste material from decorative quartz solid surfacing in the manufacture of hot bituminous mixes. For this purpose, various bituminous mixes were manufactured with waste aggregate in different percentage. A set of tests were carried out that permitted the characterization of the mechanical behavior of these mixes. The results of these tests were similar to the results obtained when conventional mixes made from virgin quarry aggregate were tested. The results for moisture sensitivity as well as for wheel track rutting on mixes showed the optimal performance of this waste material even under very demanding traffic conditions. Laboratory studies showed that the use of this waste material in the manufacture of bituminous mixes is technically viable and can provide high-quality recycled aggregates at a very low cost, which can be used in the pavement of road.


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Rubio, M. C., Menéndez, A., Moreno, F., Belmonte, A., & Ramírez, A. (2011). Mechanical properties of hot bituminous mixes manufactured with recycled aggregate of Silestone® waste. Materiales De Construcción, 61(301), 49–60.



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