Materiales de Construcción, Vol 40, No 220 (1990)

Comportamiento hídrico de pizarras de techar

G. Ruiz de Argandoña
Dpto. de Geoiogía. Universidad de Oviedo, Spain

L. Calleja
Dpto. de Geoiogía. Universidad de Oviedo, Spain


The hidric behaviour of two slaty rocks from the NW of Spain (phyllite of Rande —La Coruña— and slate of Luarca —Asturias—) used as ornamental and roof slate is studied. An experimental methodology for proper interpretation of the hidric phenomena to which they can be subjected due to their particular use in the building industries is proposed. The results of the tests (swelling, slaking and wetting/drying cycles) are related to the mineralogy and texture, as well as to some physical properties related to the water movement throughout the rocks (porosity, air permeability and water absorption).

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