Materiales de Construcción, Vol 36, No 204 (1986)

Stability of the calcium hydroxyzincate protective layer developed on galvanized reinforcements after a further increase of the pH value

A. Macías

C. Andrade


In previous works on galvanized reinforcements in contact with Ca- containing highly alkaline media, the authors have reported the existence of a threshold pH of 13,3 ± 0,1, below which the Zn in contact with such a medium is passivated by formation of a continuous layer of calcium hydroxyzincate, but at pH values above this it corrodes continuously until it totally disappears.
The investigation on the stability of the calcium hydroxyzincate layer after an increase of the pH to very high alkaline values, is the aim of the present paper.
It has been establised that if the calcium hydroxyzincate is perfectly developed, a later increase of the pH does not affect the stability.

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