Materiales de Construcción, Vol 35, No 200 (1985)

Análisis cuantitativo por difracción de rayos X de cuarzo-alfa en una matriz de cemento portland anhidro con equipos Philips modelo PW-1710 y PW-1700

J. L. Sagrera Moreno


This article, explains the necessary steps to obtained a quartz-low quantitative analysis in an anhydrous Portland cement matrix, by means of a simple addition of a little quantity of Corydon to the sample and applying a simple mathematical formula which gives directly the crystalline compound percentage which determination is required. With this method the labour of preparation samples with internal standard, necessary to obtain a straight line, is eliminated. The need of having a pure sample of the compound which is to be analyzed is also excluded. The method is simple and rapid, offering an acceptable precision in the quantitative crystalline compounds determination.

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