Materiales de Construcción, Vol 35, No 199 (1985)

Obtención del hormigón apropiado a terrenos y/o aguas agresivas diversas mediante la norma TGL 11357

Rafael Talero


TGL 11357 Norm specifies the express use of the cement:
— Portland with a content between 0% and 5% of C3A, or
— Supersulphathed iron foundry (with conditions), or
— Aluminates (with conditions)
when the agressiveness of the water and/or of an agressive sulphatic ground (among others) will be touching the concrete work.
There are countries where there is not such a specific kind of cement, being unable to execute this norm. But by means of this study, which enlarge with good reason the range of those appropiate composites to defined puzzolans, it would be easier to keep the meaning o this norm, to reach identical purpose, that is, a cement concrete with appropriate puzzolanic additions (and/or appropriate iron slags) resistant to the mentioned agressiveness.

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