Materiales de Construcción, Vol 35, No 197 (1985)

Un método empírico para el proporcionamiento de mezclas de Morteros de Cemento Portland para Albañilería

Alejandro Salazar
Universidad del Valle - Sección de Materiales., Colombia


In Colombian ways and means, since the application of no traditional constructive systems is growing up, and having recourse to the new Seismic Construction Code, it is necessary to work with cement mortars of defined and reproducible characteristics.
An analysis of the variability affecting the mortars behaviour was carried out, and an experimentation which would allow to test and to correlate the interdependence between them, was expressed.
With professional stonemasons, the suitable fluidity rank was established, and the effect of the retempered on the resistance properties of the mortars, was tested.
A method of dosage is presented, which best satisfies the technical and economic aspects and considers the traditional work methods of our construction worker.

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