Materiales de Construcción, Vol 34, No 194 (1984)

Método para la formulación de hormigones de fibras metálicas

Pedro Serna Ros
Departamento de Materiales de Construcción E.T.S.I.C.C.P. Universidad Politécnica.Valencia, Spain


In the work we are presenting, we have set ourselves the target of determining a practical method for ascertaining the dosage of fibrous concrete. To do this, as in any problem regarding dosage, we shall start from the possibilities of supply, which will be conditioned by the nature of the aggregates to be used, of certain technical restrictions imposed by the admixtures and of the carrying out requirements which will set the concrete workability.
The first part of our study amounts to determining the optimal percentages for each aggregate and the water-cement ratio, starting with the dosage of cement established initially and for each fibre content proposed.
In the second part, we shall develop the study of acceptable limits of fibre content, in order to prevent 'balls of fibre' from forming.

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