Materiales de Construcción, Vol 34, No 194 (1984)

Visión panorámica actual del Ingeniero de Planta en el proceso de fabricación del cennento

Percy B. R. Castilo Neyra


The energy crisis and subsequent retraction of sales on the market have demanded a greater exigency in the productive aspect of cement, requiring lower production costs and making the quality of the product more appropriate to the nature of its use in construction.
This article focuses on the perspectives which should be considered by the Plant Engineer in order to achieve these objectives. The importance and necessity of projecting the process to the characteristics of the end product are stressed, as well as the usefulness of an adequate knowledge of the raw materials.
Other factors which could also be considered as work tools of the Plant Engineer are mentioned, always taking into consideration, however, the fact that their best use will basically depend on the criterion with which they are put to use, since each factory constitutes a different world of its own.

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