Materiales de Construcción, Vol 33, No 192 (1983)

Resistencias mecánicas del cemento. Estudio de la precisión de su medida

César del Olmo Rodríguez


The present work contains a study effected in order to determine the precision of the standardized test method which is applied for the measurement of the mechanical resistences of cement or, in other words, to know the dispersion of values which may be expected, both in repeating with a material the test in the same laboratory (repetition), and carrying out the test in different laboratories (reproduction).
With the above mentioned object the collective test has been carried out whose results are included here, carried out within the framework of the Work Group Physical and Mechanical Tests of the Technical Commission No 80 Cements and Limes of IRANOR, in which 10 laboratories of G T took part.

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