Materiales de Construcción, Vol 33, No 190-191 (1983)

Determinación de la composición mineralógica del clínker por microscopía cuantitativa, disolución de fases y difracción de rayos X

F. Triviño

M. T. Blanco


A comparative study has been done about the use of three methods: Microscopic, Dissolution of Phases and X-Ray Diffraction, for the determination of the mineralogical composition of clinker, XRD appears (just as it is shown in this paper) as a complicated method which does not guarantee a good determination of C3A.
The consecutive dissolution of phases whith methanol and salicylic acid and saccharose is a simple, cheap and reliable alternative method.
The dissolution of phases with salicylic acid is a good method to determine the whole of silicates and liquid phase.
Optic microscopy (reflected light) is a method of determining bi and tricalcium silicates but the results so given are unreliable.
Varations which could improve these methods are indicated.

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