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Vol 64, No 316 (2014) Overview of recent work on self-healing in cementitious materials Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Z. Lv, D. Chen
Vol 15, No 118-119 (1965) Palabras de bienvenida a los asistentes a los IV Coloquios de Directores y Técnicos de Fábricas de Cemento Details   PDF
Jaime Nadal Aixalá
Vol 23, No 150-151 (1973) Palabras de bienvenida del Sr. Arredondo Details   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 20, No 138-139 (1970) Palabras del Excmo. Sr. D. Patricio Palomar Collado, miembro del Consejo Técnico-Administrativo del Instituto Eduardo Torroja de la Construcción y del Cemento Details   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 7, No 078 (1957) Paneles de fibras de lino Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 57, No 288 (2007) Passivation of duplex stainless steel in solutions simulating chloride-contaminated concrete Abstract   PDF
A. Bautista, G. Blanco, F. Velasco, A. Gutiérrez, S. Palacín, L. Soriano, H. Takenouti
Vol 58, No 289-290 (2008) Past and future colouring patterns of historic stone buildings Abstract   PDF
C. M. Grossi, P. Brimblecombe
Vol 61, No 304 (2011) Pathologies and analytical study of mosaic materials from Carmona and Italica Abstract   PDF
T. Palomar, M. García-Heras, C. Saiz-Jiménez, C. Márquez, M. A. Villegas
Vol 64, No 313 (2014) Pathology of Building Materials in Historic Buildings. Relationship Between Laboratory Testing and Infrared Thermography Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
C. Lerma, Á. Mas, E. Gil, J. Vercher, M. J. Peñalver
Vol 10, No 097 (1960) Patología de la construcción "los enlucidos" Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 10, No 098 (1960) Patología de la construcción: Desgastes debidos al hielo Abstract   PDF
Borge T. Lorentzen
Vol 67, No 326 (2017) PCE and BNS admixture adsorption in sands with different composition and particle size distribution Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
M. M. Alonso, R. Martínez-Gaitero, S. Gismera-Diez, F. Puertas
Vol 62, No 305 (2012) PCM choosing and classification according to their characteristics for their application for thermal energy storage systems Abstract   PDF
A. Oliver, F. J. Neila, A. García-Santos
Vol 7, No 078 (1957) Pelletising Cement Materials Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 16, No 122 (1966) Perbunan C in super and infrastructure work Abstract   PDF
H. Esser, W. Hofmann
Vol 12, No 107 (1962) Perforadora de suelos Abstract   PDF
M. Chinchilla
Vol 65, No 318 (2015) Performance at high temperature of alkali-activated slag pastes produced with silica fume and rice husk ash based activators Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
S. A. Bernal, E. D. Rodríguez, R. Mejía de Gutiérrez, J. L. Provis
Vol 54, No 276 (2004) Performance of alkaline activated slag at high temperatures Abstract   PDF
R. Mejía de Gutiérrez, J. Maldonado, C. Gutiérrez
Vol 64, No 314 (2014) Performance of hybrid cement composite elements under drop-weight impact load Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
V. D. Nguyen, O. Río, V. Sánchez-Gálvez
Vol 63, No 310 (2013) Performance of silicic pozzolans and Portland cements in their behavior in front of gypsum attack as determined by ASTM C 452-68 Abstract   PDF
R. Talero
Vol 60, No 297 (2010) Performance of Spanish white Macael marble exposed to narrow- and medium-range temperature cycling Abstract   PDF
J. Rodríguez Gordillo, M. P. Sáez Pérez
Vol 60, No 299 (2010) Permeability and pore size distribution in medium strength self-compacting concrete Abstract   PDF
E. B. Bermejo, A. Moragues, J. C. Gálvez, M. Fernández Cánovas
Vol 55, No 280 (2005) Permeability, porosity and compressive strength of self-compacting concrete Abstract   PDF
M.O. Valcuende, C. Parra, J. Benlloch
Vol 36, No 201 (1986) Perspectives in the Science of Technology of Cements Abstract   PDF
F. P. Glasser
Vol 39, No 214 (1989) Petrografía, propiedades físicas y durabilidad de algunas rocas utilizadas en el patrimonio monumental de Catalunya, España Abstract   PDF
Rosa M. Esbert, Rosa M. Marcos, Jorge Ordaz, Modesto Montoto, Luis M. Suárez del Rio, Vicente G. Ruiz de Argandoña, Lope Calleja, F. Javier Alonso, Ángel Rodríguez-Rey
Vol 41, No 222 (1991) Petrografía, propiedades físicas y durabilidad de rocas utilizadas en el patrimonio monumental de Cataluña, España (2.ª parte) Abstract   PDF
Rosa M. Esbert, Rosa M. Marcos, Jorge Ordaz, Modesto Montoto, F. Javier Alonso, Luis M. Suarez del Río, Vicente G. Ruiz de Argandoña, Lope Calleja, Ángel Rodríguez Rey
Vol 55, No 278 (2005) Petrography and hydric characterization of the quarry material of the varieties of Borriol Stone (Castellón) Abstract   PDF
M. Ovejero, I. Queralt, C. de la Fuente
Vol 38, No 210 (1988) Petrophysical caracterization and weatherability of the stones of the Seville Cathedral Abstract   PDF
R. M. Esbert, J. Ordaz, F. J. Alonso, V. G. Ruiz de Argandoña, M. Montoto, R. Marcos, L. Valdeón
Vol 53, No 269 (2003) Petrophysical characteristics of the sandstones used in the construction of the Monumental Heritage of Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca. Spain Abstract   PDF
M. J. Varas, E. Molina, M. A. Vicente
Vol 57, No 287 (2007) Petrophysical characterization of three commercial varieties of miocene sandstones from the Ebro valley Abstract   PDF
O. Buj, J. Gisbert
Vol 69, No 334 (2019) Petrophysical-mechanical behavior of Grisolia stone found in the architectural heritage of southern Italy Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
G. Forestieri, M. Alvarez de Buergo
Vol 42, No 228 (1992) Phase and density changes during the ''conversión'' reaction of high alumina cement Abstract   PDF
F. P. Glasser, T. G. Jappy
Vol 58, No 291 (2008) Phase Change Materials (PCMs) for energy storage in architecture. Use with the Magic Box prototype Abstract   PDF
F. J. Neila González, C. Acha Román, E. Higueras García, C. Bedoya Frutos
Vol 7, No 081 (1957) Phosphate-bonded alumina castables: Some properties and applications Abstract   PDF
W. H. Gitzen, L. D. Hart, G. Maczura
Vol 61, No 301 (2011) Physical and mechanical appraisal of two carbonatic stones widely used in the architectural heritage of eastern Andalusia, Spain Abstract   PDF
Maja Urosevic, Eduardo Sebastián Pardo, Encarnación Ruiz-Agudo, Carolina Cardell
Vol 59, No 295 (2009) Physical and mechanical characterisation of historic mortars. Application to the evaluation of the state of conservation Abstract   PDF
A. Magalhães, R. Veiga
Vol 61, No 303 (2011) Physical and mechanical characterization of gypsum boards containing phase change materials for latent heat storage Abstract   PDF
A. Oliver-Ramírez, A. García-Santos, F. J. Neila-González
Vol 62, No 308 (2012) Physical and mechanical characterization of Portland cement mortars made with expanded polystyrene particles addition (EPS) Abstract   PDF
V. Ferrándiz-Mas, E. García-Alcocel
Vol 52, No 268 (2002) Physical, mechanical and microscopic characterization of cold bonded fly ash lightweight aggregates Abstract   PDF
C. Videla, P. Martínez
Vol 65, No 319 (2015) Physical-chemical characteristics of an eco-friendly binder using ternary mixture of industrial wastes Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Hoang-Anh Nguyen, Ta-Peng Chang, Chun-Tao Chen, Tzong-Ruey Yang, Tien-Dung Nguyen
Vol 54, No 275 (2004) Physical-Chemical characterization of roman mortars in El Ruedo at Almedinilla, Córdoba Abstract   PDF
J. M. Fernández Rodríguez, J. A. Fernández Fernández
Vol 68, No 330 (2018) Physicochemical and radiological characterization of kaolin and its polymerization products Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
M. Ivanović, Lj. Kljajević, M. Nenadović, N. Bundaleski, I. Vukanac, B. Todorović, S. Nenadović
Vol 65, No 318 (2015) Pictorial materials used in the polychrome decorations of the façade of the palace of King Pedro I (The Royal Alcazar of Seville, Spain) Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
O. López-Cruz, A. García-Bueno, V. J. Medina-Flórez, A. Sánchez-Navas, N. Velilla
Vol 69, No 334 (2019) Pile Side Resistance in Sands for the Unloading Effect and Modulus Degradation Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
C. F. Zhao, Y. Wu, C. Zhao, Q. Z. Zhang, F. M. Liu, F. Liu
Vol 7, No 078 (1957) Pinturas de aluminio Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 20, No 138-139 (1970) Planteamiento general de la automación total de una fábrica de cemento Details   PDF
V. Willis
Vol 19, No 133 (1969) Plastic pipes for hot water Abstract   PDF
Centre d’Asisstance Technique et Doc. du Bâtiment et des T. P.
Vol 7, No 081 (1957) Plasticidad de las materias primas y de las pastas cerámicas Abstract   PDF
A. Baudran
Vol 15, No 118-119 (1965) Pliegos actuales, pliegos generales y pliegos especiales Details   PDF
Carlos Benito Hernández
Vol 63, No 311 (2013) Polished Stone Value Test and its relationship with petrographic parameters (hardness contrast and modal composition) and surface micro-roughness in natural and artificial aggregates Abstract   PDF
A. Fernández, M. A. Alonso, F. J. López-Moro, M. C. Moro
Vol 46, No 242-243 (1996) Porcelainized stoneware: architectural, processing and physico-mechanical properties Abstract   PDF
T. Manfredini, M. Romagnoli, J. María Rincón
Vol 56, No 282 (2006) Pore structure and carbonation in blended lime-cement pastes Abstract   PDF
M. Arandigoyen, J. I. Álvarez
Vol 68, No 329 (2018) Porous alkali activated materials with slow alkali release dynamic. Role of composition Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
G. Bumanis, D. Bajare
Vol 57, No 287 (2007) Porous concrete mixtures for pervious urban pavements Abstract   PDF
H. de Solminihac, C. Videla, B. Fernández, J. Castro
Vol 67, No 325 (2017) Portland blended cements: demolition ceramic waste management Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
M. A. Trezza, S. Zito, A. Tironi, E. F. Irassar, V. F. Rahhal
Vol 21, No 143 (1971) Portland cement concretes with normal aggregate. Relation between maximum size of the granular skeleton and the mix water, for various consistencies and water-cement ratios Abstract   PDF
M. Sabesinsky Felperin
Vol 24, No 154 (1974) Portland cement hydration: study of various techniques Abstract   PDF
F. Triviño Vázquez
Vol 15, No 118-119 (1965) Portland en general Details   PDF
Julián Rezola Izaguirre
Vol 8, No 089 (1958) Posibilidades de conocer la edad de una obra Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja
Vol 30, No 177 (1980) Posibilidades de molienda del carbón Details   PDF
L. Schneider, G. Blasczyk
Vol 67, No 326 (2017) Post-cracking tensile behaviour of steel-fibre-reinforced roller-compacted-concrete for FE modelling and design purposes Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
N. Jafarifar, K. Pilakoutas, H. Angelakopoulos, T. Bennett
Vol 64, No 313 (2014) Potential use of sewage sludge ash (SSA) as a cement replacement in precast concrete blocks Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
M. Pérez-Carrión, F. Baeza-Brotons, J. Payá, J. M. Saval, E. Zornoza, M. V. Borrachero, P. Garcés
Vol 70, No 337 (2020) Pozzolanic activity of argentine vitreous breccia containing mordenite Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
V. L. Bonavetti, V. F. Rahhal, F. Locati, E. F. Irassar, S. Marfil, P. Maiza
Vol 61, No 302 (2011) Pozzolanic evaluation of the sugar cane leaf Abstract   PDF
A. Guzmán, C. Gutiérrez, V. Amigó, R. Mejía de Gutiérrez, S. Delvasto
Vol 50, No 260 (2000) Pozzolanic properties of residues of sugar industries (first part) Abstract   PDF
J. F. Martirena-Hernández, S. Betancourt-Rodríguez, B. Middendorf, A. Rubio, J. Martínez-Fernández, J. Machado López, R. González-López
Vol 51, No 261 (2001) Pozzolanic properties of residues of sugar industries (second part) Abstract   PDF
J. F. Martirena-Hernández, S. Betancourt-Rodríguez, B. Middendorf, A. Rubio, L. Martínez-Fernández, I. Machado López, R. González-López
Vol 59, No 293 (2009) PPF-reinforced, ESP-lightened gypsum plaster Abstract   PDF
A. García Santos
Vol 64, No 315 (2014) Predicting the density of structural timber members in service. The combine use of wood cores and drill resistance data Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
M. J. Morales-Condea, C. Rodríguez-Liñán, J. Saporiti-Machado
Vol 67, No 326 (2017) Predicting the drying shrinkage behavior of high strength portland cement mortar under the combined influence of fine aggregate and steel micro fiber Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Zhengqi Li
Vol 69, No 334 (2019) Predicting the Mechanical Properties of Concrete Using Intelligent Techniques to Reduce CO2 Emissions Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
H. H. Ghayeb, H. A. Razak, N.H. R. Sulong, A. N. Hanoon, F. Abutaha, H. A. Ibrahim, M. Gordan, M. F. Alnahhal
Vol 42, No 225 (1992) Predicting time to failure in bending of wood particleboards under cyclic humidity conditions Abstract   PDF
J. I. Fernández-Golfín Seco, M. R. Díez Barra
Vol 60, No 297 (2010) Prediction of mechanical properties of cement paste at microscale Abstract   PDF
Z. Qian, E. Schlangen, G. Ye, K. van Breugel
Vol 19, No 134 (1969) Prehomogeneization influence on the proportioning control of raws in cement by means of RFA (X ray fluorescence analysis) and digital computation Abstract   PDF
Sandro Buzzi
Vol 70, No 338 (2020) Preliminary study on the upcycle of non-structural construction and demolition waste for waste cleaning Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
P. Chen, X. Chen, Y. Wang, P. Wang
Vol 9, No 092 (1959) Prensa automática para moldear azulejos Abstract   PDF
R. S. Harding, A. N. Gilson
Vol 20, No 138-139 (1970) Preparación automática de muestra para e análisis por rayos X espectrométrico de cementos Details   PDF
P. Bieshaar
Vol 59, No 294 (2009) Preparation and characterization of alkali-activated white belite cements Abstract   PDF
K. Morsli, Ángeles G. de la Torre, Antonio J. M. Cuberos, Mohammed Zahir, Miguel A. G. Aranda
Vol 68, No 331 (2018) Preparation and characterization of protective self-cleaning TiO2/kaolin composite coating Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
V. Jovanov, V. Zečević, T. Vulić, J. Ranogajec, E. Fidanchevska
Vol 65, No 318 (2015) Preparation and properties of high-strength recycled concrete in cold areas Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Y. Haitao, T. Shizhu
Vol 67, No 328 (2017) Preparation of β-belite using liquid alkali silicates Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
P. Koutník
Vol 29, No 175 (1979) Presencia y actuación española en la 30 Reunión de Técnicos de la Industria del Cemento del Brasil Abstract   PDF
José Calleja
Vol 19, No 136 (1969) Present state of research on concrete additives in Spain (lETcc) Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja
Vol 12, No 108 (1962) Presión variable en ruedas neumáticas durante el movimiento Abstract   PDF
M. Chinchilla
Vol 51, No 261 (2001) Prevention and curing of efflorescences in the restoration of bricks construction Abstract   PDF
J. M. Rincón, M. Romero
Vol 24, No 155 (1974) Prevention of ear damage during vibrating table concrete compaction Abstract   PDF
E. Fauer
Vol 11, No 104 (1961) Principios de la termofísica del horno vertical de cemento Abstract   PDF
H. Eigen
Vol 13, No 110 (1963) Problemas de construcción y de explotación· de los grandes hornos rotatorios por vía seca Abstract   PDF
R. Münk
Vol 15, No 118-119 (1965) Problemas del revestimiento refractario de hornos rotatorios de grandes dimensiones Details   PDF
Horst M. Lemmens
Vol 11, No 102 (1961) Problemas humanos en la empresa Abstract   PDF
José María Arteaga Larumbe
Vol 11, No 101 (1961) Problemas que plantea un horno Lepol sencillo para convertirlo en doble Abstract   PDF
José Miguel Rezola García
Vol 26, No 162 (1976) Procedimiento para lo obtención cuantitativa del residuo al tratamiento salicílico-metanólico Abstract   PDF
M. Pilar de Luxán
Vol 20, No 138-139 (1970) Proceso de fabricación Details   PDF
F. Soria Santamaría
Vol 7, No 081 (1957) Process for bonding hydraulic cementitious materials Abstract   PDF
A. J. Larsen
Vol 67, No 326 (2017) Production of more durable and sustainable concretes using volcanic scoria as cement replacement Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
A. M. al-Swaidani
Vol 10, No 100 (1960) Productos de desencofrado Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 8, No 085 (1958) Productos «Celotex» para acondicionamientos Acústicos Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 61, No 304 (2011) Professor Demetrio Gaspar Tébar awarded the Second José Calleja Prize for Professional Excellence in the Area of Cement and its Applications Details   PDF
Miguel Ángel Sanjuán, Francisca Puertas Maroto
Vol 23, No 150-151 (1973) Programa de trabajo Details   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 11, No 104 (1961) Progreso en el empleo del calor de los gases de escape de los hornos rotatorios de vía seca Abstract   PDF
G. Ruppert
Vol 47, No 247-248 (1997) Project on strengthening of structures using advanced composites Abstract   PDF
A. Recuero, A. Miravete
Vol 60, No 299 (2010) Properties and durability of metakaolin blended cements Abstract   PDF
Salah A. Abo-El-Enein, Rafik Abbas, El-Sayed Ezzat
Vol 60, No 300 (2010) Properties and durability of metakaolin blended cements: mortar and concrete Abstract   PDF
Rafik Abbas, Salah A. Abo-El-Enein, El-Sayed Ezzat
Vol 16, No 121 (1966) Properties of expansive cements, made with Portland cement, gypsum and high alumina cement Abstract   PDF
G. E. Monfore
Vol 65, No 319 (2015) Properties of fly ash and metakaolín based geopolymer panels under fire resistance tests Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Y. Luna-Galiano, A. Cornejo, C. Leiva, L. F. Vilches, C. Fernández-Pereira
Vol 67, No 328 (2017) Properties of geopolymer binders prepared from milled pond ash Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
J. Temuujin, A. Minjigmaa, U. Bayarzul, D. S. Kim, S-Ho Lee, H. J. Lee, C. H. Ruescher, K. J.D. MacKenzie
Vol 55, No 280 (2005) Properties of SiMn slag as apozzolanic material in portland cement manufacture Abstract   PDF
M. Frías, M. I. Sánchez de Rojas, I. Menéndez, M. García de Lomas, C. Rodríguez
Vol 30, No 178 (1980) Propiedades explosivas del carbón pulverizado; toma de consideración en la construcción de instalaciones de molienda de carbón Details   PDF
P. Birolini, L. Sammartin
Vol 8, No 085 (1958) Propiedades y aplicaciones de los materiales aislantes a base de vidrio espumado Abstract   PDF
Carlos Sánchez Castro
Vol 17, No 125 (1967) Proportioning of Portland cement raws by means of the lime modulus Abstract   PDF
J. M. Fernández París
Vol 38, No 211 (1988) Proposed textural indexes to quantify the distribution of the portland cement clinker phases Abstract   PDF
Ángel Rodríguez Rey, Modesto Montoto, Lope Calleja, Vicente G. Ruiz de Argandoña
Vol 24, No 154 (1974) Protección del hormigón Abstract   PDF
Olga Fernández-Peña Secades
Vol 14, No 116 (1964) Protección del hormigón en las aguas agresivas. Principios y procedimientos Abstract   PDF
J. Bonzel
Vol 17, No 126 (1967) Protection against corrosion in reinforced and prestressed concretes Abstract   PDF
S. Soretz
Vol 58, No 289-290 (2008) Protocol for assessing the effectiveness of protective coatings for roofing slate Abstract   PDF
V. Cárdenes, J. García-Guinea, C. Monterroso, R. De la Horra
Vol 30, No 179 (1980) Publicaciones del I.E.T.c.c. de MATERIALES de CONSTRUCCIÓN Details   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 15, No 120 (1965) Puntos de vista sobre el contenido de yeso de los cementos Portland Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja
Vol 13, No 111 (1963) Puzolanas y cementos puzolánicos Abstract   PDF
Francisco Soria Santamaría
Vol 37, No 207 (1987) Puzzolanic cements of greater resistance at the attack of selenitic waters than the high sulfate resistance portland cements, and viceverse Abstract   PDF
Rafael Talero
Vol 18, No 129 (1968) Qualitative determination of the constituents of hydraulic cements by X ray fluorescence Abstract   PDF
J. L. Sagrera
Vol 21, No 142 (1971) Quality control by statistical methods Abstract   PDF
R. Noble
Vol 10, No 098 (1960) Quality control of gypsum “Plasterboard” Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 50, No 260 (2000) Quality study of a fedspar deposit Abstract   PDF
J. Taboada, A. Vaamonde, A. Saavedra, A. Argüelles
Vol 20, No 140 (1970) Quality test of soil cement work Abstract   PDF
R. Springenschmidt, H. Sommer
Vol 62, No 308 (2012) Quantification model for energy consumption in edification Abstract   PDF
Mª P. Mercader, M. Olivares, A. Ramírez de Arellano
Vol 16, No 122 (1966) Quantitative analysis by X ray fluorescence Abstract   PDF
José Luis Sagrera
Vol 22, No 147 (1972) Quantitative Analysis of the Mineralogical Stages of the Clinkers of Portland Cement. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis, by Infrared Spectroscopy of the Mineralogical Stages of the Clinker of Portland Cement Abstract   PDF
Bernd Käsner, Otto Henning
Vol 16, No 123 (1966) Quantitative détermination of aluminium and silicon in SiO2 and Al2O3 by X ray fluorescence Abstract   PDF
José Luis Sagrera
Vol 39, No 214 (1989) Quantitative determination of tricalcicum aluminate in portland cement by X-ray diffraction Abstract   PDF
José Luis Sagrera Moreno
Vol 24, No 155 (1974) Quick analysis method of sulphuric anhydride Abstract   PDF
J. Puig Montraveta
Vol 21, No 141 (1971) Quick determination of free lime: modification of the Franke and Schlaepfer- Bukowski methods Abstract   PDF
F. Massazza, M. T. Francardi
Vol 17, No 126 (1967) Quick hardening of concrete for the purpose of carrying out short time control tests Abstract   PDF
A. Berio
Vol 7, No 081 (1957) Química de los cementos especiales Abstract   PDF
José M. García Gil
Vol 10, No 099 (1960) Radioactive rays control Clinker depth Abstract   PDF
D. H. Gieskieng
Vol 65, No 320 (2015) Ranking procedure based on mechanical, durability and thermal behavior of mortars with incorporation of phase change materials Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
S. Cunha, J. Aguiar, A. Tadeu
Vol 17, No 127 (1967) Rapid and full chemical analysis of Portland cement and similar products Abstract   PDF
J. A. Kilkmann
Vol 53, No 271-272 (2003) Rapid chloride permeability test as durability index of the concrete structure Abstract   PDF
B. Martínez-Sánchez, J. J. Flores-Martinez, R. Uribe-Afif, O. Medína-Hernández
Vol 38, No 210 (1988) Reactivity and burnability of cement raw materials witt high manganese content Abstract   PDF
F. Puertas, M. T. Blanco-Varela, T. Vázquez
Vol 51, No 263-264 (2001) Reactivity and expansion of electric arc furnace slag in their application in construction Abstract   PDF
E. Vázquez Ramonich, M. Barra
Vol 42, No 228 (1992) Reactivity of high alumina cement in water: Pore solution and solid phase characterization Abstract   PDF
M. T. Gaztañaga, S. Goñi, J. L. Sagrera
Vol 54, No 273 (2004) Reactivity of laser-cleaned stones to a SO2 ageing test Abstract   PDF
F.J. Alonso, R.M. Esbert, J. Ordaz, C.M. GROSSI
Vol 12, No 108 (1962) Realización y gastos de la construcción en invierno Abstract   PDF
Wolfgang Triebel
Vol 70, No 337 (2020) Recent advances in structural fibre-reinforced concrete focused on polyolefin-based macro-synthetic fibres Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
M. G. Alberti, A. Enfedaque, J. C. Gálvez, A. Picazo
Vol 23, No 149 (1973) Recent research on methods of testing resistance against ice Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 40, No 219 (1990) Recent works carried out at the IDIEM by the group in charge of probabilistic strength of materials Abstract   PDF
P. Kittl, G. Díaz
Vol 7, No 081 (1957) Recipientes para la conservación de acuerdo con las normas de las probetas cúbicas de hormigón Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 15, No 120 (1965) Recomendaciones de la Rilem para el hormigonado en invierno. Boletín Rilem, n. 21, diciembre 1963 Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 55, No 279 (2005) Recycled aggregates concrete: aggregate and mix properties Abstract   PDF
B. González-Fonteboa, F. Martínez-Abella
Vol 68, No 330 (2018) Recycled concrete with coarse recycled aggregate. An overview and analysis Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
B. González-Fonteboa, S. Seara-Paz, J. de Brito, I. González-Taboada, F. Martínez-Abella, R. Vasco-Silva
Vol 53, No 271-272 (2003) Recycled construction debris as an aggregates. Production of concrete blocks Abstract   PDF
J. G. G. Sousa, E. Bauer, R. M. Sposto
Vol 66, No 324 (2016) Recycling ceramic industry wastes in sound absorbing materials Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
C. Arenas, L. F. Vilches, C. Leiva, B. Alonso-Fariñas, M. Rodríguez-Galán
Vol 55, No 280 (2005) Recycling industrial waste in brick manufacture. Part 1 Abstract   PDF
F. Andreola, L. Barbieri, I. Lancelloti, P. Pozzi
Vol 64, No 313 (2014) Recycling of fresh concrete exceeding and wash water in concrete mixing plants Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
J. A. Férriz Papí
Vol 50, No 260 (2000) Recycling of the Granite Quarries and Municipal Incinerator Wastes for the Processing of New Materials as Porcelainized Stoneware Abstract   PDF
M. S. Hernández-Crespo, J. M. Rincón
Vol 60, No 300 (2010) Recycling power plant slag for use as aggregate in precast concrete components Abstract   PDF
M. Orna Carmona, J. González Paules, J. C. Sánchez Catalán, L. Fernández Pousa, R. Ade Beltrán, F. Quero Sanz
Vol 7, No 079 (1957) Reducción del consumo calorífico, en los hornos verticales perfectamente aislados Abstract   PDF
H. Eigen
Vol 15, No 118-119 (1965) Refractarios Details   PDF
Luis Dalmau Castells
Vol 7, No 081 (1957) Refractarios para hornos rotativos de cemento Abstract   PDF
José M. Balaguer de Palleja
Vol 7, No 078 (1957) Regulación del calor y del aire en los hornos rotatorios de vía húmeda Abstract   PDF
H. Eigen
Vol 18, No 131 (1968) Regularities in the influence exerted by mineralising agents on the manufacturing process of white Portland cement clinker Abstract   PDF
I. F. Ponomorew F. Ponomorew, A. N. Gratschjon, A. P. Subechin
Vol 50, No 260 (2000) Reinforced plaster by means of the synergic action between concrete additives (superfluidifiers, fluidifiers and airing-plasticizers) and E glass fibres Abstract   PDF
M. del Río Merino, F. Hernández Olivares
Vol 16, No 123 (1966) Reinforcement corrosion in reinforced and prestressed concretes Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja
Vol 7, No 078 (1957) Reinforcing cages for concrete pipe formed on machine producing multiple sizes Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 17, No 128 (1967) Reinjection of powder in wet process rotary kilns Abstract   PDF
J. Fernández Vázquez-Gulias
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A. Ruiz de Cauna
Vol 65, No 320 (2015) Relation between the microstructure and technological properties of porcelain stoneware. A review Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
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Miguel Ángel Sanjuán
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