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Vol 55, No 277 (2005) Revised guidance on structural use of high-alumina cement Abstract   PDF
A. Neville
Vol 37, No 206 (1987) Revisión crítica del ensayo de cristalización de sales Abstract   PDF
F. J. Alonso, J. Ordaz, L. Valdeón, R. M. Esbert
Vol 61, No 303 (2011) Rheology and zeta potential of cement pastes containing calcined silt and ground granulated blast-furnace slag Abstract   PDF
B. Safi, A. Benmounah, M. Saidi
Vol 50, No 258 (2000) Rheology of cement mixtures with dolomite filler Abstract   PDF
P. J. Martínez de la Cuesta, E. Rus Martínez, F. Díaz Molina, S. Luna Blanco
Vol 63, No 311 (2013) Rice husk ash as a source of silica in alkali-activated fly ash and granulated blast furnace slag systems Abstract   PDF
J. M. Mejía, R. Mejía de Gutiérrez, F. Puertas
Vol 55, No 280 (2005) Risks for the readymix concrete producer and contractor according to the acceptance or rejection criteria specified in different standards (part I) Abstract   PDF
D. M. Prada Betancourt, D. Revuelta Crespo, L. Fernández Luco, L. Vega Catalán
Vol 56, No 281 (2006) Risks for the readymix concrete producer and contractor according to the acceptance or rejection criteria specified in different standards (part II) Abstract   PDF
D. M. Prada Betancourt, D. Revuelta Crespo, L. Fernández Luco, L. Vega Catalán
Vol 41, No 221 (1991) Rock as a construction material: durability, deterioration and conservation Abstract   PDF
Rosa M.ª Esbert, Modesto Montoto, Jorge Ordaz
Vol 51, No 263-264 (2001) Role of clay constituents in stone decay processes Abstract   PDF
F. Veniale, M. Setti, C. Rodríguez-Navarro, S. Lodola
Vol 54, No 273 (2004) Rupestral paintings of the "La Graja" cave. Pigment characterization and digital image analysis Abstract   PDF
A. Palomo, M.T. Blanco-Várela, P. Herrero, N. Prendes
Vol 9, No 094 (1959) Sand for concrete Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 54, No 276 (2004) Saturated salt method determination of hysteresis of Pinus sylvestris L. wood for 35 ºC isotherms Abstract   PDF
L. García Esteban, A. Guindeo Casasús, P. de Palacios, F. García Fernández
Vol 11, No 103 (1961) Secado eléctrico de prefabricados de hormigón Abstract   PDF
M. Christian Martinet
Vol 7, No 080 (1957) Secado natural con tiro de aire forzado Abstract   PDF
S. Klen
Vol 15, No 118-119 (1965) Secado y molienda preliminar Details   PDF
Alberto Virella Bloda
Vol 51, No 263-264 (2001) Secondary raw materials for synthesising new kind of cements Abstract   PDF
S. Goñi, A. Guerrero, M. A. Macías, R. Peña, E. Fernández Escalante
Vol 29, No 175 (1979) Segunda reunión plenaria del Grupo Latinoamericano de Instituciones del Cemento y del Concreto (GLAICYC) Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja
Vol 64, No 316 (2014) Seismic retrofitting of timber framed walls Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
A. M. Gonçalves, J. Gomes-Ferreira, L. Guerreiro, F. Branco
Vol 44, No 235 (1994) Selective sandstone deterioration in the cathedrals of Salamanca, Textural anisotropy as a cause Abstract   PDF
María Teresa Martín Patino, Fernando Madruga, Julio Saavedra
Vol 57, No 287 (2007) Self-consolidating concrete homogeneity Abstract   PDF
M. O. Valcuende, C. Parra, J. C. Jarque
Vol 64, No 314 (2014) Self-heating function of carbon nanofiber cement pastes Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
O. Galao, F. J. Baeza, E. Zornoza, P. Garcés
Vol 60, No 297 (2010) Seville City Hall Chapter Room ceiling decoration Abstract   PDF
Durán A., M. D. Robador, M. C. Jiménez de Haro, L. K. Herrera, P. Gimena, J. L. Pérez-Rodríguez
Vol 60, No 299 (2010) Shear friction capacity of recycled concretes Abstract   PDF
B. González Fonteboa, F. Martínez, D. Carro, J. Eiras
Vol 56, No 282 (2006) Shear strength of match cast dry joints of precast concrete segmental bridges: proposal for Eurocode 2 Abstract   PDF
J. Turmo, G. Ramos, J. A. Aparicio
Vol 60, No 299 (2010) Shear Strengthening of Corbels with Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) Abstract   PDF
S. Ahmad, A. Shah, A. Nawaz, K. Salimullah
Vol 63, No 310 (2013) Shear strengthening of reinforced concrete members with CFRP sheets Abstract   PDF
A. Alzate, A. Arteaga, A. de Diego, D. Cisneros, R. Perera
Vol 66, No 321 (2016) Shrinkage behaviour and related corrosion performance of low-pH cementitious materials based on OPC or CAC Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
J. L. García-Calvo, M. Sánchez, L. Fernández-Luco, M. C. Alonso
Vol 15, No 118-119 (1965) Siderúrgicos y otros Details   PDF
Ignacio de Arrieta Garramiola
Vol 58, No 289-290 (2008) Sierra Elvira limestone: petrophysical characteristics of an Andalusian heritage stone Abstract   PDF
E. Sebastián Pardo, G. Cultrone, V. Garibaldi, C. Rodríguez Navarro, M. J. de la Torre, I. Valverde
Vol 54, No 274 (2004) Significance of steel electrical resistance method in the evaluation of reinforcement corrosion in cementitious systems Abstract   PDF
L. Krajci, I. Janotka
Vol 62, No 306 (2012) Silent call for cooperation... Details   PDF_ES   PDF_EN
Pepa Cassinello
Vol 25, No 160 (1975) Silicon gel as puzzolane standard: its energetic activity and limitations. Abstract   PDF
M. Pilar de Luxán, Tomás Vázquez
Vol 7, No 081 (1957) Simple Devices for Capping Compression-Test Samples Abstract   PDF
S. K. Waldorf
Vol 61, No 301 (2011) Simple method of dynamic Young’s modulus determination in lime and cement mortars Abstract   PDF
J. R. Rosell, I. R. Cantalapiedra
Vol 22, No 145 (1972) Simple procedures for determining the consistency and relation water/ cement of fresh concrete as well as the water content of the aggregates Abstract   PDF
P. Nischer
Vol 11, No 104 (1961) Sistemas de transmisión de calor para hornos de vía seca en la fabricación de cemento Abstract   PDF
J. Richard Tonry
Vol 25, No 157 (1975) Sixth International Congress on Chemistry of Cement Abstract   PDF
José Calleja
Vol 69, No 333 (2019) Size effect in the fracture properties of sandwich panels of plasterboard and core of rock wool Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
J. A. Alonso, E. Reyes, J. C. Gálvez
Vol 63, No 310 (2013) Size grading methods to characterize construction and demolition waste for its use in structural concrete Abstract   PDF
M. Martín-Morales, Z. Sánchez-Roldán, M. Zamorano, I. Valverde-Palacios
Vol 51, No 262 (2001) Slag founding: kinetic study and election of a grinding system Abstract   PDF
M. E. Salas Vinent, A. C. Rabilero Bouza, V. Córdova Rodríguez
Vol 67, No 328 (2017) Small-sized reverberation chamber for the measurement of sound absorption Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
R. del Rey, J. Alba, L. Bertó, A. Gregori
Vol 30, No 178 (1980) Sobre el mecanismo de hidratación del C3S Abstract   PDF
A. Goldschmidt
Vol 14, No 114 (1964) Sobre la determinación de la calidad de las escorias de horno alto y de las puzolanas Abstract   PDF
W. Wittekindt
Vol 7, No 079 (1957) Sobre la estructura del clinker de cemento portland Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja Carrete
Vol 7, No 080 (1957) Sobre la estructura del clínker de cemento portland. Trabajo presentado en la Ill reunión internacional sobre reactividad de sólidos, con este mismo título Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja Carrete
Vol 14, No 115 (1964) Sobre la influencia del tamaño de grano de la caliza en la formación de los minerales del clínker Abstract   PDF
Hans Lehmano, Peter Thormann
Vol 10, No 099 (1960) Sobre la naturaleza zeolítica de la toba amarilla de Gran Canaria Abstract   PDF
Ricardo Sersale
Vol 64, No 314 (2014) Sodium silicate solutions from dissolution of glasswastes. Statistical analysis Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
M. Torres-Carrasco, J. G. Palomo, F. Puertas
Vol 42, No 225 (1992) Solid solubility of MgO in the calcium silicates of portland clinker. The effect of CaF2 Abstract   PDF
S. Martínez, F. Puertas, A. Palomo
Vol 48, No 249 (1998) Solid State compatibilities in CaO-CaO∙Al2O3-CaF2 system Abstract   PDF
M. T. Blanco-Varela, S. Jiménez Molina
Vol 18, No 132 (1968) Some applications of electronic microwave analysis to the study of clinker minerals Abstract   PDF
P. Terrier, H. Hornain, G. Socroun
Vol 7, No 079 (1957) Some effects of carbon dioxide on mortars and concrete Abstract   PDF
I. Leber, F. A. Blakey
Vol 7, No 079 (1957) Some methods of finishing coîicreie surfaces and making good effects Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 22, No 148 (1972) Some questions posed by the use of cement Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja
Vol 25, No 159 (1975) Some remarks on the presence of metallic sulphurs in aggregates Abstract   PDF
Demetrio Gaspar-Tebar
Vol 23, No 152 (1973) Some technical aspects of town water fluoration Abstract   PDF
F. J. Galán
Vol 65, No 320 (2015) Spalling behavior and residual resistance of fibre reinforced Ultra-High performance concrete after exposure to high temperatures Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Ming-Xiang Xiong, J. Y. Richard Liew
Vol 21, No 144 (1971) Specialised literature on the manufacture and use of expanded clay granules Abstract   PDF
H. Schmidt
Vol 21, No 141 (1971) Specification of minimum strengths may be useful Abstract   PDF
William A. Cordon
Vol 55, No 278 (2005) Splitting strength and abrasion resistance of concrete paving blocks as a function of dry bulk specific gravity and ultrasonic pulse velocity Abstract   PDF
T. Haktanir, K. Ari
Vol 7, No 081 (1957) Spray Drying for Ceramics Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 7, No 081 (1957) Spraying in the Sanitary Fireclay Industry Abstract   PDF
L. Grick
Vol 36, No 204 (1986) Stability of the calcium hydroxyzincate protective layer developed on galvanized reinforcements after a further increase of the pH value Abstract   PDF
A. Macías, C. Andrade
Vol 19, No 134 (1969) Stages in the final computer control of cement kilns Abstract   PDF
A. Skull
Vol 22, No 147 (1972) Stamps on the Cement Industry from the Four Corners of the World Abstract   PDF
A. G. Leonard
Vol 58, No 291 (2008) Standard test method to determine the performance of tiled roofs to wind-driven rain Abstract   PDF
F. Marín Andrés, M. I. Sánchez de Rojas
Vol 62, No 306 (2012) Standard tests for the characterization of roofing slate pathologies Abstract   PDF
V. Cárdenes, F. J. Mateos, A. Rubio-Ordoñez, C. Monterroso
Vol 22, No 145 (1972) Standardization of cement. Notes and explanations about the reelaboration of the German Cement Standards DIN 1164; June 1970 edition Abstract   PDF
G. Wischers
Vol 22, No 146 (1972) Standardization of cement. Notes and explanations on the revision of the German cement standard DIN 1164, June 1970 Abstract   PDF
G. Wischers
Vol 60, No 298 (2010) State of the art of TiO2 containing cementitious materials: self-cleaning properties Abstract   PDF
A. Maury, N. De Belie
Vol 68, No 329 (2018) Static and cyclic performance of cementitious composites reinforced with glass-fibres Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
N. Arabi
Vol 64, No 315 (2014) Static and kinetic friction coefficients of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.), parallel and perpendicular to grain direction Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
J. R. Aira, F. Arriaga, G. Íñiguez-González, J. Crespo
Vol 53, No 271-272 (2003) Static modulus of elasticity of concrete measured by the ultrasonic method Abstract   PDF
G. S. Sena Rodrigues, E. Pazini Figueiredo
Vol 56, No 281 (2006) Statistical design applied to hydric property behaviour for monitoring granite consolidation and/or water-repellent treatments Abstract   PDF
A. C. Íñigo, S. Vicente-Tavera, V. Rives
Vol 24, No 154 (1974) Statistical quality control in concrete technology Abstract   PDF
A. Wogrin
Vol 60, No 300 (2010) Steel passive state stability in activated fly ash mortars Abstract   PDF
A. Fernández-Jiménez, J. M. Miranda, J. A. González, A. Palomo
Vol 60, No 297 (2010) Steel slag aggregate in concrete: the effect of ageing on potentially expansive compounds Abstract   PDF
M. Frías, J. T. San-José, I. Vegas
Vol 24, No 156 (1974) Stone alterations in some monuments Abstract   PDF
J. M. Fernández París
Vol 58, No 289-290 (2008) Stones used in Milan architecture Abstract   PDF
Roberto Bugini, Luisa Folli
Vol 21, No 144 (1971) Stress distribution in the structural system consisting of wall-mortar-brlck-enamel Abstract   PDF
A. Dietzel, H. J. Oel
Vol 60, No 298 (2010) Structural models of randomly packed Tobermorite-like spherical particles: A simple computational approach Abstract   PDF
R. González-Teresa, Víctor Morales-Florez, Hegoi Manzano, Jorge S. Dolado
Vol 51, No 263-264 (2001) Structure of aluminosilicate melts produced from granite rocks for the manufacturing of petrurgical glass-ceramics construction materials Abstract   PDF
A. G. Simakin, T. P. Salova, M. Romero, J. M. Rincón
Vol 44, No 236 (1994) Stuccos and roman concretes of the Baelo Claudia city (Cádiz): Characterization and causes of decay Abstract   PDF
Francisca Puertas, María Teresa Blanco-Varela, Ángel Palomo
Vol 50, No 260 (2000) Studies about the heat of hydration developed in mortars with natural and by-product materials Abstract   PDF
M. I. Sánchez de Rojas, M. Frías, J. Rivera
Vol 59, No 296 (2009) Studies on the behaviour of different spent fluidized-bed catalytic cracking catalysts on Portland cement Abstract   PDF
J. Payá, M. V. Borrachero, J. Monzó, L. Soriano
Vol 63, No 312 (2013) Study about the capillary absorption and the sorptivity of concretes with Cuban limestone aggregates Abstract   PDF
J. J. Howland, A. R. Martín
Vol 39, No 216 (1989) Study by X-ray difraction of the alites and the influency of the quenching in it's structure and it's crystalline system Abstract   PDF
F. Triviño Vázquez
Vol 43, No 230 (1993) Study of concrete deterioration thirough its microstructure Abstract   PDF
Moema Ribas Silva
Vol 63, No 312 (2013) Study of creep behavior of a calcarenite: San Julián´s stone (Alicante) Abstract   PDF
V. Brotóns, S. Ivorra, J. Martínez-Martínez, R. Tomás, D. Benavente
Vol 25, No 157 (1975) Study of hydrated high alumina cement transformations by X ray diffraction, infra-red spectroscopy and thermal analysis. Influence of carbonic anhydrite, temperature, humidity and addition of powdered lime Abstract   PDF
T. Vázquez, F. Triviño, A. Ruiz de Gauna
Vol 25, No 158 (1975) Study of hydrated high alumina cement transformations by X ray diffraction, infra-red spectroscopy and thermal analysis influence of carbonic anhydrite, temperature, humidity and addition of powdered lime (continuation) Abstract   PDF
T. Vázquez, F. Triviño, A. Ruiz de Gauna
Vol 24, No 154 (1974) Study of hydration products in the system 4CaO.3Al2O3.SO2-CaSO4-CaO-H4O Abstract   PDF
P. K. Mihta, A. Klein, Rafael Talero Morales
Vol 61, No 303 (2011) Study of Mechanical Characterization of Ceramic Specimens from a Brazilian Test Adaptation Abstract   PDF
I. Iglesias, B. Acosta, R. Yu, G. Ruiz, M. Aineto, A. Acosta
Vol 48, No 250 (1998) Study of mortars with industrial residual plastic scales Abstract   PDF
O. E. Magariños, C. E. Alderete, L. E. Arias, M. E. Lucca
Vol 43, No 232 (1993) Study of P-350 cement setting kinetic by nuclear magnetic resonance Abstract   PDF
Gabriel L. Duque Fernández, David Díaz Quintanilla, Rogelio Capote Rodríguez, Manuel Zapata Sierra
Vol 57, No 286 (2007) Study of plaster finishes on San Pedro de los Francos church at Calatayud Abstract   PDF
R. Bustamante, Mª I Sánchez de Rojas
Vol 66, No 321 (2016) Study of potential advantages of pre-soaking on the properties of pre-cast concrete made with recycled coarse aggregate Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Z. Sánchez-Roldán, M. Martín-Morales, I. Valverde-Palacios, I. Valverde-Espinosa, M. Zamorano
Vol 66, No 323 (2016) Study of recycled concrete aggregate quality and its relationship with recycled concrete compressive strength using database analysis Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
I. González-Taboada, B. González-Fonteboa, F. Martínez-Abella, D. Carro-López
Vol 53, No 271-272 (2003) Study of service life of concrete girder bridge on the sea Abstract   PDF
T. J. Da Silva, A. M. Gomes
Vol 61, No 303 (2011) Study of the brickwork masonry cracking with a cohesive fracture model Abstract   PDF
E. Reyes, M. J. Casati, J. C. Gálvez
Vol 63, No 311 (2013) Study of the cracking of sandwich panels of plasterboard and rockwool Abstract   PDF
J. A. Alonso, E. Reyes, J. C. Gálvez
Vol 59, No 296 (2009) Study of the decalcification process in mortars degraded by NH4NO3 by using ultrasonic techniques Abstract   PDF
I. Segura, A. Moragues, D. E. Macphee, J. J. Anaya, M. Molero
Vol 69, No 334 (2019): Online First Study of the expansion of cement mortars manufactured with Ladle Furnace Slag LFS Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
A. Rodríguez, I. Santamaría-Vicario, V. Calderón, C. Junco, J. García-Cuadrado
Vol 52, No 267 (2002) Study of the instability of black slags from electric arc furnace steel industry Abstract   PDF
M. Frías, M. I. Sánchez de Rojas, A. Uría
Vol 50, No 259 (2000) Study of the medieval lead cames used in the stained glass windows of the Monastery of Pedralbes (Barcelona) Abstract   PDF
F. Cortés Pizano
Vol 50, No 257 (2000) Study of the moisture content gradient in a cementitious material by measuring its impedance and gamma-densitometry Abstract   PDF
J. P. Guilbaud, H. Carvalho, V. Baroghel-Bouny, A. Raharinaivo
Vol 16, No 123 (1966) Study of the movement of materials in rotary kilns with aid of radioactive tracers Abstract   PDF
G. Grasland
Vol 58, No 292 (2008) Study of the shear behaviour of fibre reinforced concrete beams Abstract   PDF
J. Turmo, N. Banthia, R. Gettu, B. Barragán
Vol 25, No 159 (1975) Study of transformations of hydrated high alumina cement by means of ray diffraction, infrared spectroscopy and thermal analysis. Influence of carbon anhydride, temperature, humidity and the addition of powdered limestone (continuation) Abstract   PDF
T. Vázquez, F. Triviño, A. Ruiz de Gauna
Vol 41, No 223 (1991) Study of water-repellent treatments applied on limestone from Andalusian Cathedrals Abstract   PDF
R. Villegas, J. F. Vale, M. Alcalde
Vol 62, No 307 (2012) Study on the electrical resistance of the sleeper-fastening elements system in railway tracks Abstract   PDF
F. J. Barroso, P. Guarner, C. López
Vol 19, No 136 (1969) Styropor lightweight concrete Abstract   PDF
F. Hohwiller, K. Kohling
Vol 20, No 137 (1970) Styropor lightweight concrete (continued) Abstract   PDF
F. Hohwiller, K. Köhling
Vol 22, No 148 (1972) Substituting complexometry for permanganimetry in lime evaluation in tests for puzolana Abstract   PDF
M. Pilar de Luxán
Vol 11, No 102 (1961) Sugerencias al pliego de condiciones Abstract   PDF
Juan José Uría López
Vol 59, No 294 (2009) Suitability of the Betic Cordillera marly materials for the manufacture of pressed tile Abstract   PDF
M. Vázquez, J. Jiménez-Millán
Vol 38, No 212 (1988) Sulfate resistance evaluation of the cement with fly ash (using the Koch & Steinegger method) Abstract   PDF
Edgardo F. Irassar, Jorge D. Sota, Oscar R. Batic
Vol 39, No 213 (1989) Sulfate resistance of ordinary Portland cement with fly ash Abstract   PDF
Edgardo F. Irassar, Oscar R. Batic
Vol 10, No 097 (1960) Sulphate attack on brickwork Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 61, No 301 (2011) Sulphide oxidation in ornamental slates: protective treatment with siloxanes Abstract   PDF
T. Rivas, J. Iglesias, J. Taboada, J. A. Vilán
Vol 56, No 283 (2006) Superface energy of several construction materials Abstract   PDF
J. Rubio, M.ª J. Sánchez, M.ª R. Elvira, F. Rubio, J. L. Otero
Vol 24, No 153 (1974) Superficial cement hydration within active solutions Abstract   PDF
F. Triviño Vázquez
Vol 62, No 308 (2012) Sustainable development of roadways in Africa Abstract   PDF
O. Akindeji-Oladeji, J. A. Awomeso, A. M. Taiwo, S. Abu
Vol 51, No 263-264 (2001) Swelling behaviour of stones and its interest in conservation. An appraisal Abstract   PDF
J. Delgado Rodrigues
Vol 17, No 127 (1967) Symposium on the effect of aggressive fluids on concrete Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 64, No 315 (2014) Synthesis and mechanical properties of a calcium sulphoaluminate cement made of industrial wastes Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
M. Gallardo, J. M. Almanza, D. A. Cortés, J. C. Escobedo, J. I. Escalante-García
Vol 65, No 317 (2015) Synthesis of geopolymer from spent FCC: Effect of SiO2/Al2O<3 and Na2O/SiO2 molar ratios Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
J. J. Trochez, R. Mejía de Gutiérrez, J. Rivera, S. A. Bernal
Vol 67, No 325 (2017) Synthesis of nanocomposite coating based on TiO2/ZnAl layer double hydroxides Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
V. Jovanov, O. Rudic, J. Ranogajec, E. Fidanchevska
Vol 68, No 331 (2018) Synthetic waterproofing membranes and auxiliary separating layers in the inverted flat roof. Pressure effect on the degradation Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
A. Pedrosa, M. Del Río
Vol 22, No 147 (1972) Table of Plastic Materials Usable in Construction Abstract   PDF
L. Rechner, F. de Zaluski
Vol 56, No 284 (2006) Technical Note: Alterations in the stone masonry of the Capitol Room of Sevilla City Hall Abstract   PDF
A. Barrios Padura, J. Barrios Sevilla, J. García Navarro
Vol 57, No 287 (2007) Technical Note: Filler and superplasticizer usage on high strength concrete Abstract   PDF
M. Sümer
Vol 57, No 287 (2007) Technical Note: Historic gypsum-kilns (Morata de Tajuña, Madrid) Abstract   PDF
O. Puche Riart, L. F. Mazadiego Martínez, J. E. Ortiz Menéndez, J. F. Llamas Borrajo
Vol 57, No 285 (2007) Technical Note: Statistical analysis of defects of tiles´ joints Abstract   PDF
J. Silvestre, J. de Brito
Vol 58, No 289-290 (2008) Technique for cleaning Tarragona miocene age dolomitized silty limestone, altered by urban pollution Abstract   PDF
Manuel Iglesias, José Luis Prada, Nuria Guasch
Vol 53, No 269 (2003) Techniques and methods of characterization of admixtures for the concrete Abstract   PDF
M. Palacios, C. Sierra, F. Puertas
Vol 22, No 145 (1972) Technological principles of the new German Concrete Standards Abstract   PDF
J. Bonzel
Vol 9, No 095 (1959) Tejas de hormigón en distintos colores para el tejado moderno Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 7, No 081 (1957) Temperature Control for Continuous Kilns Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 11, No 103 (1961) Tendencias actuales en la construcción de maquinaria para la fabricación de cemento Abstract   PDF
A. Bellwinkel
Vol 21, No 142 (1971) Tensile test on bricks Abstract   PDF
K. Thomas, D. C. O´Leary
Vol 26, No 161 (1976) Tensión, deformación y fisurabilidad en el hormigón Abstract   PDF
J. M. Tobío
Vol 57, No 285 (2007) Ternary blend cements concrete. Part II: Transport mechanism Abstract   PDF
G. Menéndez, V. L. Bonavetti, E. F. Irassar
Vol 56, No 284 (2006) Ternary blended cement concrete. Part I: early age properties and mechanical strength Abstract   PDF
G. Menéndez, V. L. Bonavetti, E. F. Irassar
Vol 19, No 135 (1969) Testing hardened Portland cement concrete by microscopy Abstract   PDF
J. M. Fernández París, C. F. Baquedano Coll
Vol 25, No 159 (1975) Testing procedure to determine the dissecation aptitude of clay masses (H2T 1/75c) Abstract   PDF
Antonio García Verduch
Vol 25, No 159 (1975) Testing procedure to determine the water absorption capacity of bricks (H2T 2/75c) Abstract   PDF
Antonio García Verduch
Vol 57, No 286 (2007) Tests on concrete containing cork powder admixtures Abstract   PDF
B. González, B. Llamas, A. Juan, I. Guerra
Vol 18, No 129 (1968) Tests on the automation of rotary kilns with heat exchangers in gas suspension Abstract   PDF
W. Gortz
Vol 52, No 267 (2002) Tests to characterize the behaviour of natural stone in contact with water Abstract   PDF
C. Vielba Cuerpo, F. Hernández Olivares
Vol 61, No 302 (2011) Textural and mechanical characterization of C-S-H gels from hydration of synthetic T1-C3S, β-C2S and their blends Abstract   PDF
S. Goñi, A. Guerrero, F. Puertas, M. S. Hernández, M. Palacios, J. S. Dolado, W. Zhu, T. Howind
Vol 51, No 263-264 (2001) Thaumasite formation in hydraulic mortars by atmospheric SO2 deposition Abstract   PDF
M. T. Blanco-Varela, J. Aguilera, S. Martínez Ramirez, A. Palomo, C. Sabbioni, C. Riontino, G. Zappia, K. Van Valen, E. E. Toumbakari
Vol 63, No 312 (2013) The acoustic absorption of textile curtains on the function of the fullness Abstract   PDF
R. del Rey, J. Alba, M. Blanes, B. Marco
Vol 44, No 234 (1994) The adherence in the union stone-mortar Abstract   PDF
María Reyes Rodríguez García, Juan Pereda Marín, Jorge Polo Velasco, Jesús Barrios Sevilla
Vol 60, No 299 (2010) The alkali–aggregate reaction for various aggregates used in concrete Abstract   PDF
J. Gadea, J. Soriano, A. Martín, P. L. Campos, A. Rodríguez, C. Junco, I. Adán, V. Calderón
Vol 47, No 245 (1997) The application of the acoustic emission technique to stone decay by sodium sulphate in laboratory tests Abstract   PDF
C. M. Grossi, R M. Esbert, L. M. Suárez del Río
Vol 42, No 228 (1992) The application of thermal analysis to the hydration and conversión Reactions of calcium alumínate Cements Abstract   PDF
S. M. Bushnell-Watson, J. H. Sharp
Vol 16, No 124 (1966) The Atterberg limits and their significance in the ceramic and brick industries Abstract   PDF
P. Sembenelli
Vol 22, No 145 (1972) The autoclave expansion test as a method for determining the stability of Portland cement Abstract   PDF
Dante J. E. Veronelli
Vol 58, No 292 (2008) The basic construction materials industry and today’s vast housing shortage Abstract   PDF
J. Salas, I. Oteiza
Vol 19, No 133 (1969) The cement industry in Japan, 1968 Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja
Vol 66, No 321 (2016) The cement industry’s commitment to reduce CO2 emissions in the context of the COP 21 (Paris 2015) Details   PDF
Miguel Ángel Sanjuán Barbudo
Vol 51, No 262 (2001) The Civil Palaces in Gravina street, Alicante: building stones and salt weathering Abstract   PDF
M. Louis, M. A. García del Cura, Y. Spairani, D. de Blas
Vol 7, No 078 (1957) The Clark gully trap machine. Interesting New Zealand development Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 16, No 122 (1966) The computer and the cement plant Abstract   PDF
S. W. Peirce
Vol 17, No 125 (1967) The curing of mixtures of sand, lime and flying ashes, at various temperatures Abstract   PDF
M. Mateos
Vol 61, No 304 (2011) The development of iron British piers in the XIX century. The discovery of new materials Abstract   PDF
C. González-García de Velasco, M. González-Vílchez
Vol 21, No 141 (1971) The development of structure and strength in cement paste (continued) Abstract   PDF
Werner Richartz
Vol 11, No 103 (1961) The durability of reinforced concrete in sea water Abstract   PDF
F. M. Lea, C. M. Watkins
Vol 43, No 229 (1993) The efect of calcareous filler on portland cement mortars Abstract   PDF
M. José Escorihuela, Ignacio Menéndez, Fernando Triviño, Francisco Hernández, Norberto Hurtado, M. Antonia Martín
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