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Vol 32, No 185 (1982) La deterioración de las piedras de la Catedral de Oviedo. 1ª Parte: Petrografía y porosidad características intrínsecas determinantes de la deterioración de sus rocas carbonatadas Abstract   PDF
Rosa M. Esbert, Rosa Marcos, Javier Alonso
Vol 54, No 275 (2004) ''Geopolymers": same basic chemistry, different microstructures Abstract   PDF
A. Palomo, A. Fernández-Jiménez, M. Criado
Vol 63, No 309 (2013) 25th anniversary of Spain’s first UNE standard Details   PDF
Miguel Ángel Sanjuán
Vol 64, No 316 (2014) 3D Computational Simulation of Calcium Leaching in Cement Matrices Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
J. J. Gaitero, J. S. Dolado, C. Neuen, F. Heber, E. A.B. Koenders
Vol 24, No 155 (1974) 40th anniversary: II I.E.T.c.c. General Assembly Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja
Vol 19, No 135 (1969) 5th colloquium of cement plant managers and technicians Abstract   PDF
F. Soria
Vol 52, No 266 (2002) Corrigendum: F. García-Garmilla, I. Rodríguez Maribona, M. Cano, M. Zalbide, J. A. Ibáñez-Gómez, E. Osa-Chans, S. Garín (2002), Materiales de Construcción, Vol 52, No 266: 12 Details   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 60, No 297 (2010) A combined study of expansive and tensile strength evolution of mortars under sulfate attack: implications on durability assessment Abstract   PDF
P. Akpinar, I. Casanova
Vol 54, No 276 (2004) A comparative experimental study of steel fibre-additive reinforced concrete beams Abstract   PDF
F. Altun, T. Haktanir
Vol 63, No 310 (2013) A comparative study of natural zeolite and synthetic zeolite as an additive in warm asphalt mixes Abstract   PDF
A. Alonso, E. Tejeda, F. Moreno, M. C. Rubio, E. Medel
Vol 61, No 302 (2011) A comparative study of recycled aggregates from concrete and mixed debris as material for unbound road sub-base Abstract   PDF
J. R. Jiménez, F. Agrela, J. Ayuso, M. López
Vol 21, No 141 (1971) A comparison of current lime burning methods Abstract   PDF
F. Schwarzkopf
Vol 64, No 315 (2014) A comparison of experimental methods for measuring water permeability of porous building rocks Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
S. Galvan, C. Pla, N. Cueto, J. Martínez-Martínez, M. A. García-del-Cura, D. Benavente
Vol 63, No 311 (2013) A comparison of tensile, fracture and fatigue mechanical behaviour of structural reinforcing bars made with different steels Abstract   PDF
C. Rodríguez, F. J. Belzunce, A. F. Canteli
Vol 68, No 330 (2018) A composite cement of high magnesium sulphate resistance Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
A. Allahverdi, M. Akhondi, M. Mahinroosta
Vol 21, No 141 (1971) A contribution to the determination and influence of bond between limesilicon bricks and mortars Abstract   PDF
Peter Thormann
Vol 22, No 147 (1972) A Contribution to the Study of the Mechanics of Formation of Ettringita During the Plastic Period of the Cement Paste Abstract   PDF
J. M. Fernández París
Vol 24, No 154 (1974) A dilatometer to measure volume changes of loaded concrete Abstract   PDF
D. C. Spooner
Vol 59, No 294 (2009) A Mexican kaolin deposit: XANES characterization, mineralogical phase analysis and applications Abstract   PDF
F. Vázquez, L. M. Torres, L. L. Garza, A. Martínez, W. López
Vol 64, No 313 (2014) A model for acoustic absorbent materials derived from coconut fiber Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
J. Ramis, R. del Rey, J. Alba, L. Godinho, J. Carbajo
Vol 67, No 326 (2017) A new method in estimation of total hexavalent chromium in Portland pozzolan cement Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
R. Sharma, D. K. Sharma
Vol 50, No 260 (2000) A new pozzolan for high performance cementitious materials Abstract   PDF
R. M. de Gutiérrez, S. Delvasto, R. Talero
Vol 65, No 319 (2015) A new procedure to adapt any type of soil for the consolidation and construction of earthen structures: projected earth system Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
R. Fuentes-García, I. Valverde-Palacios, I. Valverde-Espinosa
Vol 67, No 326 (2017) A Novel MK-based Geopolymer Composite Activated with Rice Husk Ash and KOH: Performance at High Temperature Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
M. A. Villaquirán-Caicedo, R. Mejía de Gutiérrez, N. C. Gallego
Vol 60, No 300 (2010) A numerical-statistical approach to determining the representative elementary volume (REV) of cement paste for measuring diffusivity Abstract   PDF
M. Z. Zhang, G. Ye, K. van Breugel
Vol 46, No 242-243 (1996) A probabilistic model for failure design of glass plates in buildings Abstract   PDF
Alfonso Fernández Canteli, Isabel Viña OLay, Antonio Bernardo Sánchez
Vol 66, No 321 (2016) A proposal for the maximum use of recycled concrete sand in masonry mortar design Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
E. Fernández-Ledesma, J. R. Jiménez, J. Ayuso, V. Corinaldesi, F. J. Iglesias-Godino
Vol 67, No 325 (2017) A review of sample preparation and its influence on pH determination in concrete samples Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
S. Manso, A. Aguado
Vol 64, No 315 (2014) A review on alkaline activation: new analytical perspectives Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
A. Palomo, P. Krivenko, I. Garcia-Lodeiro, E. Kavalerova, O. Maltseva, A. Fernández-Jiménez
Vol 64, No 313 (2014) A statistical approach to the study of concrete carbonation Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
I. Garcia-Lodeiro, J. G. Palomo, A. Palomo, A. Fernández-Jiménez
Vol 20, No 137 (1970) A study of the causes of volume changes in cement paste Abstract   PDF
K. Chujo, M. Kondo
Vol 41, No 223 (1991) A study on fiy ash: ballistic separation of a fly ash Abstract   PDF
Eduardo Peris Mora, Jordi Payá, José Monzó
Vol 25, No 157 (1975) A technique to discriminate quantitatively, in a cement, the carbonates formed by meteorization from those due to additives Abstract   PDF
Manuel Elices Calafat
Vol 22, No 147 (1972) A Test With Small Dimension Cylinders for the Rapid Determination of the Quality of Cement Abstract   PDF
J. A. Dalziel
Vol 10, No 097 (1960) Ábacos de composición potencial y de fusión del clínker Abstract   PDF
P. Terrier
Vol 12, No 108 (1962) Acabadora A. B. G. tipo (H. F.) Abstract   PDF
M. Chinchilla
Vol 67, No 328 (2017) Accelerated action of external sulfate and chloride to study corrosion of tensile steel in reinforced concrete Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
M. A. G. Silva, M. P. Cunha, A. Pinho-Ramos, B. Sena da Fonseca, F. F. S. Pinho
Vol 37, No 207 (1987) Acción del agua de mar sobre un cemento portland de alta resistencia inicial, sobre un cemento portland resistente a los sulfatos y sobre un cemento portland: influencia de la adición de escoria. Estudio por DRX Abstract   PDF
Demetrio Gaspar-Tébar, José Luis Sagrera-Moreno
Vol 37, No 206 (1987) Acción del agua de mar sobre un cemento portland de alta resistencia inicial y sobre un cemento portland resistente a los sulfatos: influencia de la adición de escoria. Estudio de la concentración iónica Abstract   PDF
Demetrio Gaspar-Tébar, José Luis Sagrera-Moreno
Vol 8, No 086 (1958) Acción del protector de construcciones «Silex» Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 13, No 111 (1963) Acerca del hormigón de la Base de Rota Abstract   PDF
Álvaro López Ruiz
Vol 12, No 106 (1962) Aclaraciones sobre compactación, compactibilidad y los ensayos de proctor Abstract   PDF
Sandro Rocci
Vol 58, No 291 (2008) Acoustic properties of aluminium foams Abstract   PDF
M. A. Navacerrada, C. Díaz, A. Pedrero, L. E. García
Vol 65, No 320 (2015) Acoustic properties of porous concrete made from arlite and vermiculite lightweight aggregates Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
J. Carbajo, T. V. Esquerdo-Lloret, J. Ramis, A. V. Nadal-Gisbert, F. D. Denia
Vol 62, No 305 (2012) Acoustic properties of reed panels Abstract   PDF
César Díaz, Montaña Jiménez, María A. Navacerrada, Antonio Pedrero
Vol 66, No 321 (2016) Actual laser removal of black soiling crust from siliceous sandstone by high pulse repetition rate equipment: effects on surface morphology Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
M. A. Iglesias-Campos, J. L. Prada-Pérez
Vol 21, No 141 (1971) Additions to concrete based on organic greases Abstract   PDF
D. M. Doty
Vol 18, No 131 (1968) Adhesives Abstract   PDF
J. G. Kennedy
Vol 44, No 233 (1994) Aditivos para el hormigón. Calidad y Normativa Abstract   PDF
Demetrio Gaspar-Tebar
Vol 61, No 301 (2011) AFM study of steel corrosion in aqueous solutions in concrete Abstract   PDF
B. Díaz-Benito, F. Velasco, S. Guzmán, R. Calabrés
Vol 67, No 327 (2017) Ageing and temperature effect on the fatigue performance of bituminous mixtures Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
T. López-Montero, R. Miró
Vol 67, No 327 (2017) Ageing evolution of foamed warm mix asphalt combined with reclaimed asphalt pavement Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
M. Perez-Martinez, P. Marsac, T. Gabet, S. Pouget, F. Hammoum
Vol 61, No 304 (2011) Ageing tests study on wood-based sandwich panels Abstract   PDF
Raquel Mateo, Juan Carlos Cabrero, Eva Hermoso, José María Chillón
Vol 8, No 090 (1958) Aglomerantes económicos Abstract   PDF
Francisco Arredondo
Vol 52, No 266 (2002) Aired-time and chamotte hydraulic mortars Abstract   PDF
M. González Cortina, L. de Villanueva Domínguez
Vol 15, No 120 (1965) Algunas consideraciones acerca de la determinación acidimétrica de bicarbonato cálcico en presencia de bicarbonato sódico en aguas naturales que contienen cloruros y sulfatos de calcio y magnesio Abstract   PDF
A. Ruiz de Gauna
Vol 56, No 281 (2006) Alkali activated fly ash binders. A comparative study between sodium and potassium activators Abstract   PDF
A. Fernández-Jiménez, A. Palomo, M. Criado
Vol 16, No 123 (1966) Alkali segregation in Portland cement pastes Abstract   PDF
F. Triviño
Vol 60, No 297 (2010) Alkali silica reaction in concrete induced by mortar adhered to recycled aggregate Abstract   PDF
M. Etxeberria, E. Vázquez
Vol 58, No 291 (2008) Alkali-activated fly ash. Relationship between mechanical strength gains and initial ash chemistry Abstract   PDF
G. Kovalchuk, A. Fernández-Jiménez, A. Palomo
Vol 56, No 283 (2006) Alkali-activated slag mortars reinforced with ar glassfibre. Performance and properties Abstract   PDF
F. Puertas, A. Gil-Maroto, M. Palacios, T. Amat
Vol 51, No 261 (2001) Alkaline activated slag cements. Determination of reaction degree Abstract   PDF
A. Fernández-Jiménez, F. Puertas
Vol 52, No 267 (2002) Alkaline cement mortars. Chemical resistance to sulfate and seawater attack Abstract   PDF
F. Puertas, R. Gutiérrez, A. Fernández-Jiménez, S. Delvasto, J. Maldonado
Vol 46, No 241 (1996) Alkaline-sulphate activation processes of a Spanish blast furnace slag Abstract   PDF
A. Fernández Jiménez, F. Puertas, L. Fernández-Carrasco
Vol 68, No 329 (2018) Alkali-resistant glass fiber reinforced high strength concrete in simulated aggressive environment Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
W. H. Kwan, C. B. Cheah, M. Ramli, K. Y. Chang
Vol 9, No 096 (1959) Alkalis and sulphur in a dust injection klin Abstract   PDF
T. Palvio
Vol 52, No 268 (2002) Alkali-silica reaction of aggregates for concrete pavements in Chihuahua’s State, Mexico Abstract   PDF
C. Olague, P. Castro, W. López
Vol 20, No 138-139 (1970) Alocución de bienvenida a los V Coloquios de Directores y Técnicos de Fábricas de Cemento, por el Exmo. Sr. D. José María Aguirre Gonzalo, Presidente del Consejo Técnico-Administrativo del Instituto Eduardo Torroja de la Construcción y del Cemento Details   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 17, No 127 (1967) Alpha- quartz quantitative X ray diffraction analysis Abstract   PDF
J. L. Sagrera
Vol 49, No 255 (1999) Alteration causes and processes in the stone material from the pavement in Baelo Claudia archeological site, Cadiz/Spain Abstract   PDF
M. Hoyos, S. Sánchez-Moral, J. C. Cañaveras, E. Sanz-Rubio
Vol 43, No 229 (1993) Alteration mechanisms on the stones of the Catedral of Granada, Spain Abstract   PDF
L. Martin, M. A. Bello, A. Martín
Vol 57, No 288 (2007) Alteration of granite stone used in building construction Abstract   PDF
R. M.ª Esbert Alemany
Vol 46, No 242-243 (1996) Alteration processes of medieval stained glass windows. Study and protection treatments Abstract   PDF
J. María Fernández Navarro
Vol 58, No 291 (2008) Alternative concrete based on alkali-activated slag Abstract   PDF
E. Rodríguez, S. Bernal, R. Mejía de Gutiérrez, F. Puertas
Vol 52, No 266 (2002) An analytical comparison of two commercial consolidating products applied to eocene sandstones from 16th and 19th century monuments in San Sehastián, northern Spain Abstract   PDF
F. García-Garmilla, I. Rodríguez Maribona, M. Cano, M. Zalbide, J. A. Ibáñez-Gómez, E. Osa-Chans, S. Garín
Vol 20, No 137 (1970) An empirical approximate method to calculate kiln capacity Abstract   PDF
D. H. Gieskieng
Vol 16, No 121 (1966) An omission in the Spanish cement specifications: pouzzolanic cements Abstract   PDF
Manuel de Luxán Baquero
Vol 39, No 213 (1989) Análisis de morteros medievales de dos castillos de Cantabria. España Abstract   PDF
Federico Gutiérrez-Solana, Modesto Jáuregui, Ramón Bohigas, Pedro Sarabia
Vol 20, No 138-139 (1970) Análisis rápido de un cemento por absorción Atómico Details   PDF
Luis Ximénez Herraiz
Vol 38, No 210 (1988) Analysis of results of tests carried out on earth test pieces Abstract   PDF
Julián Salas, María Jesús Guinea, Juan Diego Bernal
Vol 67, No 327 (2017) Analysis of stiffness and fatigue resistance of cold recycled asphalt mixtures manufactured with foamed bitumen for their application to airfield pavement design Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
H. I. Lacalle-Jiménez, J. P. Edwards, N. H. Thom
Vol 66, No 324 (2016) Analysis of the bearing capacity of unbound granular mixtures with rubber particles from scrap tyres when used as sub-ballast Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
C. Hidalgo-Signes, P. Martínez-Fernández, J. Garzón-Roca, R. Insa-Franco
Vol 52, No 268 (2002) Analysis of the effect of volume on the bending strength of the Spanish scot and laricio pine timber Abstract   PDF
J. I. Fernández-Golfín, E. Hermoso, M. R. Díez
Vol 45, No 238 (1995) Analysis of the factors which have an influence on the reduction of residuary strengths due to alkaline solution in the interstitial mortars of concretes with aluminous cement Assessment of the risk limits in the case of roof beams Abstract   PDF
Ferrán Goma Ginesta
Vol 62, No 305 (2012) Analysis of the influence of density on infrared thermography and of the scope of this technique in the detection of internal defects in wood Abstract   PDF
C. Rodríguez-Liñán, M. J. Morales-Conde, P. Rubio-de Hita, F. Pérez-Gálvez
Vol 62, No 308 (2012) Analysis of the phenomenon of material expansiveness in tunnels built in anhydrite. Outcomes and experiences Abstract   PDF
J. M. del Campo, J. C. Guerra, D. Fernández-Ordóñez
Vol 67, No 327 (2017) Analysis of the sensitivity of the impact resonance frequency test as a tool to determine the elastic properties of bituminous materials Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
R. Tauste, F. Moreno-Navarro, R. Gallego, M. C. Rubio-Gámez
Vol 44, No 233 (1994) Analysis of the size of sandstone particles from the Cathedrals of Salamanca. Independence between granulometry and deterioration Abstract   PDF
M. T. Martín Patino, F. Madruga, J. Saavedra
Vol 52, No 268 (2002) Analysis of the strengthenings of mixed glass fibers E and fibers AR in plaster, as an alternative to monofiber (homogeneous) strengthenings Abstract   PDF
M. del Río Merino, P. Comino
Vol 54, No 274 (2004) Analysis of thermal process of pozzolan production Abstract   PDF
R. Mejía De Gutiérrez, J. Torres A., C. E. Guerrero
Vol 45, No 238 (1995) Analytical study of the main door of Santiago church, Guadix, Granada Abstract   PDF
Jesús Espinosa Gaitán, Francisco Gutiérrez Montero, Rosario Villegas Sánchez
Vol 37, No 208 (1987) Año Internacional de la Vivienda para las Personas sin Hogar Details   PDF
Julián Salas
Vol 46, No 241 (1996) Another look at the deterioration of calcium aluminate cement concrete Abstract   PDF
Jaromir Jambor, Jan Skalny
Vol 13, No 109 (1963) Aparato auxiliar para trabajos de transporte: Moskopf's Athlet Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 7, No 081 (1957) Aparato registrador de la retracción por secado Abstract   PDF
F. Moore, W. Noble
Vol 20, No 138-139 (1970) Aplicación de la fluorescencia de rayos X en el Laboratorio Central de Ensayo de Materiales de Construcción Details   PDF
Manuel del Campo Galarza
Vol 13, No 112 (1963) Aplicación de las resinas epoxi para revestimientos y juntas de hormigón, en los Estados Unidos Abstract   PDF
Kurt Walz
Vol 30, No 179 (1980) Aplicaciones prácticas de la espectroscopía de absorción infrarroja en el estudio de los crudos, del clínker y del cemento portland anhidro Abstract   PDF
Tomás Vázquez
Vol 29, No 175 (1979) Aplicaciones prácticas de la espectroscopía de absorción infrarroja en el estudio de los crudos, del clínker y del cemento portland anhidro Abstract   PDF
Tomás Vázquez
Vol 30, No 177 (1980) Aplicaciones prácticas de la espectroscopía de absorción infrarrojo en el estudio de los crudos, del clínker y del cemento portland anhidro (Continuación) Abstract   PDF
Tomás Vázquez
Vol 62, No 307 (2012) Applicability assessment of concrete with recycled coarse aggregates in Havana, Cuba Abstract   PDF
E. Pavón, M. Etxeberria, N. E. Díaz
Vol 53, No 270 (2003) Application of an artificial neural network to ready-mixed concretes mix design Abstract   PDF
J. Setién, A. Carrascal, J. F. Figueroa, J. A. Polanco
Vol 19, No 134 (1969) Application of digital computer control to cement manufacturing Abstract   PDF
M. R. Hurlbut, D. L. Lippitt, E. A. E. Rich
Vol 60, No 298 (2010) Application of experimental plans method to formulate a self compacting cement paste Abstract   PDF
A. Mebrouki, N. Belas, J. Viña, A. Argüelles, R. Zenasni
Vol 61, No 303 (2011) Application of resistograph to obtain the density and to differentiate wood species Abstract   PDF
Luis Acuña, L. Alfonso Basterra, M. Milagrosa Casado, Gamaliel López, Gemma Ramón-Cueto, Enrique Relea, Carlos Martínez, Ana González
Vol 37, No 205 (1987) Application of the fluorescence light microscopy in the textural study of portland cement clinker Abstract   PDF
Ángel Rodríguez Rey, Modesto Montoto San Miguel, Lope Calleja Escudero, Vicente Gómez Ruiz de Argandoña, Luis Miguel Suárez del Río
Vol 21, No 143 (1971) Application of the Takashima method to the study and separation of the aluminaferric phases of clinker Abstract   PDF
F. Triviño Vázquez
Vol 22, No 148 (1972) Applications of an IBM 1800 computer to Spanish cement plants Abstract   PDF
Juan Puig Montraveta
Vol 37, No 207 (1987) Approach to the effect of concrete resistivity in the corrosion of rebars in concrete Abstract   PDF
C. Alonso, C. Andrade, J. A. González
Vol 62, No 305 (2012) Archaeometric investigation and evaluation of the decay of ceramic materials from the church of Santa Maria del Carmine in Pavia, Italy Abstract   PDF
M. Setti, A. Lanfranchi, G. Cultrone, L. Marinoni
Vol 56, No 283 (2006) Archaeometric study of bricks from the ancient defence walls around the town of Pavia in northern Italy Abstract   PDF
M. Setti, C. Nicola, A. López-Galindo, S. Lodola, C. Maccabruni, F. Veniale
Vol 38, No 210 (1988) Arenas normalizadas españolas. Su preparación. ARENAS en el lETcc. 1.ª Parte Abstract   PDF
M. Chinchilla
Vol 63, No 311 (2013) Ariadne´s house (Pompeii, Italy) wall paintings: A multidisciplinary study of its present state focused on a future restoration and preventive conservation Abstract   PDF
M.C. Pérez, F. J. García-Diego, P. Merello, P. D’Antoni, A. Fernández-Navajas, A. Ribera i Lacomba, L. Ferrazza, J. Pérez-Miralles, José-Luis Baró, P. Merce, H. D’Antoni, J. Curiel-Esparza
Vol 69, No 333 (2019) Artificial arenite from wastes of natural sandstone industry Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
C. Conde-Vázquez, O. de Miguel-San Martín, G. García-Herbosa
Vol 58, No 289-290 (2008) Artificial weathering of granite Abstract   PDF
T. Rivas Brea, B. Prieto Lamas, B. Silva Hermo
Vol 11, No 101 (1961) Aspecto económico financiero del momento actual en relación con la industria del cemento Abstract   PDF
A. Vizoso
Vol 11, No 101 (1961) Aspectos de la evolución de la industria italiana del cemento durante el último quinquenio (1955-1959) Abstract   PDF
Giovanni Malquori
Vol 17, No 127 (1967) Aspects of the evolution of gypsum as a construction material Abstract   PDF
J. Nadal Aixalá
Vol 62, No 307 (2012) Assessing the influence of surface roughness on the epilithic colonisation of limestones by non-contact techniques Abstract   PDF
A. Z. Miller, M. A. Rogerio-Candelera, A. Dionísio, M. F. Macedo, C. Saiz-Jiménez
Vol 61, No 301 (2011) Assessment of the variation of the moisture content in the Pinus pinaster Ait. using the non destructive GPR technique Abstract   PDF
I. Rodríguez-Abad, R. Martínez-Sala, R. Capuz Lladró, R. Díez Barra, F. García-García
Vol 48, No 251 (1998) Assessment of thermal shock induced damage in silicon carbide fibre reinforced glass matrix composites Abstract   PDF
A. R. Boccaccini, D. N. Boccaccini, D. H. Pearce, J. Janczak-Rusch
Vol 23, No 152 (1973) Atomic absorbtion spectrophotometer and minicomputer raws control and correction Abstract   PDF
J. M. García Gil García Gil, A. Pamplona Roca
Vol 61, No 303 (2011) Attack of carbonic anhydride and hydrogen sulfide on API class H cement slurries exposed to saline formation waters Abstract   PDF
G. Márquez, F. J. Alejandre, J. J. Martín-del-Río, R. Arribas, F. J. Blasco
Vol 7, No 078 (1957) Aumento de la producción de cemento y mejora simultánea de la calidad (conclusion) Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja Carrete
Vol 7, No 080 (1957) Autogenous healing of cement paste Abstract   PDF
K. R. Lauer, F. O. Slate
Vol 20, No 138-139 (1970) Automación del trabajo combinado de una instalación de molienda de crudo de cemento con molino de rodillos en corriente de aire Details   PDF
E. G. Loesche
Vol 18, No 131 (1968) Automatic analysis by X ray spectrometry and associated computer in the cement industry Abstract   PDF
M. von Euw
Vol 23, No 149 (1973) Automatic control of raws at a cement plant equipped with X ray analyser and a process computer Abstract   PDF
Juan Puig Montraveta
Vol 7, No 080 (1957) Automatic controls increase cement plant efficiency Abstract   PDF
P. J. Galvin
Vol 21, No 142 (1971) Automation problems in drying and grinding installations Abstract   PDF
W. Stürmer
Vol 19, No 134 (1969) Automation problems in the design of a modern cement plant Abstract   PDF
R. Batier
Vol 20, No 138-139 (1970) Automatización de fábricas de cemento: técnica del proceso y de la medición Details   PDF
H. P. Elkjär
Vol 20, No 138-139 (1970) Automatización en fábricas de cemento- una reciente realización: ALTKIRCH Details   PDF
J. Gouttenoire, J. M. Batalla
Vol 49, No 256 (1999) Bare face red-brown bricks manufactured with fly ash from the Narcea (Asturias) Coal Power Plan Abstract   PDF
G. Ayesta, M. P. García, F. Blanco, J. Ayala
Vol 25, No 157 (1975) Basic document for the discussion of a norm on the quality of ceramic bricks for building Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 50, No 260 (2000) Basis and classification of efflorescences in construction bricks Abstract   PDF
J. M. Rincón, M. Romero
Vol 59, No 293 (2009) Bearing capacity evaluation of rubblized concrete pavements Abstract   PDF
G. Thenoux, M. González
Vol 62, No 307 (2012) Behavior of steel fiber high strength concrete under impact of projectiles Abstract   PDF
M. F. Cánovas, V. H. Gaitan
Vol 50, No 259 (2000) Behaviour of alkaline cement mortars reinforced with acrylic and polypropylene fibres Abstract   PDF
F. Puertas, T. Amat, T. Vázquez
Vol 55, No 280 (2005) Behaviour of AR glass fibre for building structural applications Abstract   PDF
A. Miravete, J. M. Mieres, I. Calvo, P. Comino, A. Chiminelli, J. Cuatrero, N. Tolosana
Vol 53, No 271-272 (2003) Behaviour of built light construction on expansible clays. Technical of design and rehabilitation Abstract   PDF
L. Arrieta, F. Sánchez Naveda
Vol 57, No 285 (2007) Behaviour of corroded steel in a Ca(OH)2-saturated solution and in cement mortar. Possibility of rehabilitation Abstract   PDF
J. M. Miranda, E. Otero, J. A. González, L. S. Hernández
Vol 65, No 320 (2015) Behaviour of FRP confined concrete in square columns Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
A. de Diego, A. Arteaga, J. Fernández, R. Perera, D. Cisneros
Vol 68, No 331 (2018) Behaviour of recycled aggregate concrete under combined compression and shear stresses Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
K. Liu, J. Yan, C. Zou
Vol 63, No 310 (2013) Behaviour of Temporary Edge Protection Systems of high density polyethylene tested to static and impact load Abstract   PDF
M. N. González, A. Cobo, C. Lozano, S. Bresó
Vol 60, No 298 (2010) Bending reinforcement of timber beams with steel cross sections on the upper face Abstract   PDF
Carlos González-Bravo, Francisco Arriaga-Martitegui, Luis Maldonado-Ramos, Rafael Díez-Barra
Vol 30, No 179 (1980) Bibliografía Details   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 30, No 177 (1980) Bibliografía Details   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 30, No 178 (1980) Bibliografía Details   PDF
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Vol 12, No 108 (1962) Bibliografía Details   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 12, No 107 (1962) Bibliografía Details   PDF
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Vol 12, No 106 (1962) Bibliografía Details   PDF
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Vol 12, No 105 (1962) Bibliografía Details   PDF
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Vol 29, No 175 (1979) Bibliography Details   PDF
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Vol 26, No 164 (1976) Bibliography Details   PDF
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Vol 26, No 163 (1976) Bibliography Details   PDF
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Vol 25, No 159 (1975) Bibliography Details   PDF
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Vol 25, No 157 (1975) Bibliography Details   PDF
F. Soria Santamaría, A. Núñez Recuela
Vol 21, No 144 (1971) Bibliography Details   PDF
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Vol 21, No 143 (1971) Bibliography Details   PDF
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Vol 21, No 142 (1971) Bibliography Details   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 21, No 141 (1971) Bibliography Details   PDF
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Vol 20, No 140 (1970) Bibliography Details   PDF
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Vol 20, No 137 (1970) Bibliography Details   PDF
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Vol 19, No 136 (1969) Bibliography Abstract   PDF
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Vol 19, No 135 (1969) Bibliography Details   PDF
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Vol 19, No 134 (1969) Bibliography Details   PDF
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Vol 19, No 133 (1969) Bibliography Details   PDF
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