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Vol 67, No 327 (2017) Evaluation of bio-materials’ rejuvenating effect on binders for high-reclaimed asphalt content mixtures Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
A. Jiménez del Barco-Carrión, M. Pérez-Martínez, A. Themeli, D. Lo Presti, P. Marsac, S. Pouget, F. Hammoum, E. Chailleux, G. D. Airey
Vol 67, No 327 (2017) Evaluation of bituminous sub-ballast manufactured at low temperatures as an alternative for the construction of more sustainable railway structures Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
L. Pirozzolo, M. Sol-Sánchez, F. Moreno-Navarro, G. Martínez-Montes, M. C. Rubio-Gámez
Vol 53, No 269 (2003) Evaluation of bricks durability using destructive and nondestructive methods (DT and NDT) Abstract   PDF
G. Cultrone, M. J. de la Torre, E. Sebastián, O. Cazalla
Vol 68, No 332 (2018) Evaluation of cements obtained by alkali-activated coal ash with NaOH cured at low temperatures Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
A. A. Hoyos-Montilla, Y. P. Arias-Jaramillo, J. I. Tobón
Vol 23, No 149 (1973) Evaluation of compression tests of site concrete Abstract   PDF
R. C. Sharma
Vol 54, No 273 (2004) Evaluation of concrete mechanical strength through porosity Abstract   PDF
M. Olivares, J. Lafarga, C. Galán, P. Nadal
Vol 55, No 277 (2005) Evaluation of consolidating and water repellent treatments applied to the miocene sandstone used in Tunisian Heritage Monuments Abstract   PDF
K. Zoghlami, D. Gómez-Gras, A. Álvarez, M. P. De Luxán
Vol 61, No 301 (2011) Evaluation of electric properties of cement mortars containing pozzolans Abstract   PDF
J. M. Cruz, J. Payá, L. F. Lalinde, I. C. Fita
Vol 52, No 265 (2002) Evaluation of hexahydrated magnesium chloride (Bischofite) performance as a chemical stabilizer of granular road surfaces Abstract   PDF
G. Thenoux, S. Vera
Vol 43, No 232 (1993) Evaluation of hydrophobic treatments applied to stones used in andalusian cathedrals. III.-Accelerated weathering test with polluted atmosphere Abstract   PDF
R. Villegas Sánchez, J. F. Vale Parapar
Vol 59, No 295 (2009) Evaluation of isotropy in wet-mix sprayed concrete Abstract   PDF
L. Agulló, T. García, A. Aguado, E. Yubero
Vol 55, No 278 (2005) Evaluation of performance of materials used in the ceramic materials restoration of the Plaza de España (Sevilla) Abstract   PDF
F. J. Alejandre Sánchez, R. Villegas Sánchez, M. Jurado Pérez
Vol 53, No 271-272 (2003) Evaluation of recycled concrete by means of non destructive tests Abstract   PDF
A. A. Di Maio, L. P. Traversa
Vol 64, No 314 (2014) Evaluation of the behavior of brick tile masonry and mortar due to capillary rise of moisture Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
M. S. Camino, F. J. León, A. Llorente, J. M. Olivar
Vol 38, No 211 (1988) Evaluation of the efficiency of a repaired chloride-contaminated concrete Abstract   PDF
C. Andrade, B. Bacle, C. Alonso, J. M. Conde-Salazar
Vol 64, No 315 (2014) Evaluation of the fatigue macro-cracking behavior of crumb rubber modified bituminous mixes Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
F. Moreno-Navarro, M. C. Rubio-Gámez, E. Tomás-Fortún, F. Valor-Hernández, A. Ramírez-Rodriguez
Vol 55, No 280 (2005) Evaluation of the load carrying capacity of large cross section coniferous timber in standing structures Abstract   PDF
F. Arriaga, M. Esteban, E. Relea
Vol 53, No 271-272 (2003) Evaluation of the method of electrochemical extraction of chlorides ions for the rehabilitation of concrete structures with reinforcement corrosion problems Abstract   PDF
E. Monteiro, P. Helene, P. Barbosa
Vol 63, No 309 (2013) Evaluation of the Pavement Quality Indicator (PQI) for the on-site density measurement of asphalt emulsion mixes Abstract   PDF
M. J. Martínez-Echevarría, E. Tejeda, M. C. Rubio, F. Moreno
Vol 50, No 260 (2000) Evaluation of the penetration of restoration materials in stone. A new method Abstract   PDF
J. Rodríguez-Gordillo, J. A. Durán-Suárez, A. García-Casco
Vol 54, No 274 (2004) Evaluation of the physical and electrochemical properties of adobe reinforced and of its component materials Abstract   PDF
G. Pérez, R. Melo, H. Rojas, L. Castro, R. Malavè, E. Anzola, G. López
Vol 70, No 337 (2020): Online First Evaluation of the physical-mechanical properties of cement-lime based masonry mortars produced with mixed recycled aggregates Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
R. L.S. Ferreira, M. A.S. Anjos, E. F. Ledesma, J. E.S. Pereira, A. K.C. Nóbrega
Vol 45, No 239 (1995) Evaluation of the water related characteristics of diverse Spanish stones after the application of different protective treatments Abstract   PDF
L. Rubio, A. Bello
Vol 51, No 261 (2001) Evaluation of treatment products for the front door of the church of Santiago, Guadix Abstract   PDF
R. Villegas-Sánchez, J. Espinosa Gaitán
Vol 43, No 230 (1993) Evaluation of water repellent treatments applied to stones used in andalusian cathedrals. II. Salt crystallization test Abstract   PDF
R. Villegas Sánchez, J. F. Vale Parapar
Vol 15, No 117 (1965) Evocación Details   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 13, No 109 (1963) Evolución de las instalaciones de cocción en las fábricas de cemento de Norteamérica Abstract   PDF
A. S. Kannewurf, C. F. Clausen
Vol 52, No 265 (2002) Evolution and quantification of the main Sensitisers in commercial portland cements Abstract   PDF
M. Frías, M. I. Sánchez Rojas
Vol 64, No 316 (2014) Evolution of pyrrhotite oxidation in aggregates for concrete Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
I. Oliveira, S. H.P. Cavalaro, A. Aguado
Vol 52, No 268 (2002) Evolution of the hydration in cements with additions Abstract   PDF
V. L. Bonavetti, V. F. Rahhal, E. F. Irassar
Vol 11, No 103 (1961) Examen sobre la compactación del hormigón sobre mesas de sacudidas en moldes fijos y móviles Abstract   PDF
K. Walz
Vol 21, No 141 (1971) Examination of the uniformity of raws and accuracy of the multichannel X ray spectroscope Abstract   PDF
J. Ess. Eriangen
Vol 7, No 084 (1957) Expansión en autoclave de los cementos españoles Abstract   PDF
D. Guinea Guerrero, P. Giménez Montoya
Vol 60, No 297 (2010) Experimental analysis of bonding in steel bars glued into chestnut and tali timber Abstract   PDF
D. Otero Chans, J. Estévez Cimadevila, E. Martín Gutiérrez
Vol 63, No 312 (2013) Experimental analysis of temperature profiles in ceramic brickwork elements subjected to high temperatures Abstract   PDF
M. E. Maciá, A. Rolando
Vol 63, No 311 (2013) Experimental and analytical study about the compressive behavior of eps sandwich panels Abstract   PDF
G. Carbonari, S. H. P. Cavalaro, M. M. Cansario, A. Aguado
Vol 58, No 291 (2008) Experimental scale model study of cracking in brick masonry under tensile and shear stress Abstract   PDF
E. Reyes Pozo, M. J. Casati Calzada, J. C. Gálvez Ruiz
Vol 59, No 295 (2009) Experimental study comparing the behaviour of steel truss plates and birch plywood inserts in ridge joints on glued laminated rafters Abstract   PDF
M. A. Serrano López, A. G. Lozano Martínez-Luengas, F. López Gayarre, J. J. Del Coz Díaz
Vol 64, No 313 (2014) Experimental study of masonry wall exposed to blast loading Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
S. Ahmad, A. Elahi, H. Pervaiz, A. G.A. Rahman, S. Barbhuiya
Vol 58, No 291 (2008) Experimental study of the effect of temperature on the strength of ready-mixed concrete. Theory Abstract   PDF
J. A. Ortiz Lozano, A. Aguado de Cea, L. Agulló Fité, T. García Vicente, M. E. Zermeño de León
Vol 62, No 305 (2012) Experimental study of the Integral Masonry System in the construction of earthquake resistant houses Abstract   PDF
B. Orta, R. Bustamante, J. M. Adell
Vol 56, No 282 (2006) Experimental study on AR fiberglass connectors for bridges made of composite materials Abstract   PDF
A. Miravete, J. M. Mieres, I. Calvo, D. Ranz, P. Comino, A. Chiminelli, J. Cuartero, N. Tolosana
Vol 60, No 298 (2010) Experimental study on the effect of ambient temperature on ready-mix concrete strength. Part 2: Industrial implementation Abstract   PDF
J. Puig Montraveta, D. Masó Gamell, J. A. Ortiz Lozano, A. C. P. dos Santos, A. Aguado de Cea
Vol 17, No 128 (1967) Experimental work on the automation of rotary kilns with heat exchangers in gas suspension Abstract   PDF
W. Gortz
Vol 17, No 126 (1967) Experimental work on the control of rotary Lepol kilns Abstract   PDF
K. Lusche, G. Sandow
Vol 61, No 302 (2011) Experimentation and numerical simulation of steel fibre reinforced concrete pipes Abstract   PDF
Albert de la Fuente, Antonio Domingues de Figueiredo, Antonio Aguado, Climent Molins, Pedro Jorge Chama Neto
Vol 15, No 118-119 (1965) Exposición relativa al «Intercambiador de calor en contracorriente» Details   PDF
W. Matthias
Vol 50, No 259 (2000) External radiation as element of improvement infrared thermography measurements Abstract   PDF
A. Palomo, E. Gayo, M. Massa
Vol 65, No 317 (2015) External sulfate attack in dam concretes with thaumasite formation Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
S. Chinchón-Payá, A. Aguado, H. W. Nugterenc, S. Chinchón
Vol 18, No 132 (1968) Extracto de revistas técnicas Details   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 18, No 131 (1968) Extractos de revistas técnicas Details   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 18, No 130 (1968) Extractos de revistas técnicas Details   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 26, No 164 (1976) Extracts from technical journals Abstract   PDF
F. Soria Santamaría, A. Nuñez Recuela, F. Triviño
Vol 26, No 163 (1976) Extracts from technical journals Details   PDF
F. Soria Santamaría
Vol 26, No 162 (1976) Extracts from technical journals Details   PDF
F. Soria Santamaría, A Nuñez Recuela
Vol 26, No 161 (1976) Extracts from technical journals Details   PDF
F. Soria Santamaría, A. Núñez Recuela
Vol 25, No 160 (1975) Extracts from technical journals Details   PDF
F. Soria Santamaría, A. Núñez Recuela
Vol 25, No 159 (1975) Extracts from technical journals Details   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 25, No 158 (1975) Extracts from technical journals Details   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 25, No 157 (1975) Extracts from technical journals Details   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 12, No 106 (1962) Fábrica de cementos portland, en La Robla (León) Abstract   PDF
Antonio del Valle Menéndez, Antonio Figueroa Herreras
Vol 7, No 081 (1957) Fabricación de cal en horno rotatorio; mejora de la calidad y aumento de la productividad Abstract   PDF
A. A. Lill
Vol 12, No 108 (1962) Fabricación de mallazo electrosoldado para armaduras de hormigón armado Abstract   PDF
M. Chinchilla
Vol 7, No 081 (1957) Fabricación de tubos de hormigón mediante un núcleo hueco de caucho de gran longitud Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 7, No 081 (1957) Fabricación económica de cemento a partir de crudos descarbonatados Abstract   PDF
H. Eigen
Vol 7, No 078 (1957) Faced concrete block. New developments may be concrete masonry´s answer to competitive challenge Abstract   PDF
G. Kogel
Vol 10, No 100 (1960) Factores a tener en cuenta en la granulación de crudos para la fabricación de cemento Abstract   PDF
J. Richard Tonry
Vol 39, No 216 (1989) Factorial Design in Cement Raw Mix Reactivity Investigation Abstract   PDF
Gabriel Luis Duque Fernández, Josefina de las Mercedes Cardoso Camacho, Ester Rubio Frías, Wilhem Muller
Vol 57, No 287 (2007) Factors affecting early compressive strength of alkali activated fly ash (OPC-free) concrete Abstract   PDF
A. Fernández-Jiménez, A. Palomo
Vol 7, No 079 (1957) Factors affecting strength of clays in the temperature range 110 to 800% Abstract   PDF
W. H. Sutton, F. R. Matson
Vol 36, No 202 (1986) False set in aireated cements Abstract   PDF
P. I. de la Cruz, T. Vázquez
Vol 41, No 221 (1991) Fatiga higroscópica y dimensional de la madera Abstract   PDF
Antonio Guindeo Casaús, Luis García Esteban
Vol 55, No 277 (2005) Fatigue life prediction in a unidirectional glass-epoxy composite material subjected to off-axis cyclic loads Abstract   PDF
D. Revuelta
Vol 7, No 084 (1957) Fe de erratas: Determinación de la superficie específica por medio de un nomograma Abstract   PDF
A. Virella
Vol 55, No 279 (2005) Ferrous sulphate mono and heptahydrate reduction of hexavalent chromium in cement: effectiveness and storability Abstract   PDF
J. L. Valverde, J. Lobato, I. Fernández, L. Marijuán, S. Pérez-Mohedano, R. Talero
Vol 51, No 263-264 (2001) Fiftieth anniversary of the journal "Últimos Avances en Materiales de Construcción" Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja
Vol 47, No 247-248 (1997) Final conclusions Details   PDF
A. Miravete
Vol 64, No 314 (2014) Fire-resistance, physical, and mechanical characterization of particleboard containing Oceanic Posidonia waste Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
J. M. Saval, R. Lapuente, V. Navarro, A. J. Tenza-Abril
Vol 24, No 156 (1974) First Latin American meeting of cement and concrete institutions Abstract   PDF
José Caluja
Vol 12, No 105 (1962) Fisicoquímica del sistema refractario-clínker en los hornos de cemento Abstract   PDF
Francisco Soria Santamaría
Vol 60, No 300 (2010) Flowability in crushed sand mortar Abstract   PDF
O. A. Cabrera, L. P. Traversa, N. F. Ortega
Vol 7, No 082 (1957) Fluidización de las partículas sólidas y sus aplicaciones Abstract   PDF
P. Reboux
Vol 58, No 289-290 (2008) Fluorinated anti-graffiti coating for natural stone Abstract   PDF
P. M. Carmona-Quiroga, S. Martínez-Ramírez, M. T. Blanco-Varela
Vol 57, No 286 (2007) Foreword Details   PDF
Francisca Puertas Maroto
Vol 9, No 096 (1959) Forma de apreciar la importancia de una fisura Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 66, No 323 (2016) Formation and early hydration characteristics of C2.75B1.25A3$ in binary system of C2.75B1.25A3$-C2S Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Shoude Wang, Yongbo Huang, Chenchen Gong, Xinghua Fu, Lingchao Lu
Vol 18, No 130 (1968) Formation of eflorescent salts during burning Abstract   PDF
E. Schmidt
Vol 46, No 242-243 (1996) Formulation of heat absorbing glasses Abstract   PDF
Pedro Álvarez-Casariego, Pedro Mazón
Vol 23, No 152 (1973) Fractographic clinker study by means of sweep electronic microscope (SEM). Preliminary results Abstract   PDF
P. KittI, P. Lyon, M. R. Marrapodi
Vol 64, No 313 (2014) Fracture energy evolution of two concretes resistant to the action of freeze-thaw cycles Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
A. Enfedaque, H. L. Romero, J. C. Gálvez
Vol 40, No 219 (1990) Fracture statistics of torsion and dispersion relations in round bars Abstract   PDF
G. Díaz
Vol 12, No 107 (1962) Fraguado rápido y falso fraguado en los cementos portland Abstract   PDF
W. C. Hansen
Vol 21, No 143 (1971) Free lime of cements and expansión in autoclave Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja, C. del Olmo
Vol 37, No 207 (1987) Free lime quantitative determination by X ray diffraction, on anhiydrous and dried cement Abstract   PDF
J. L. Sagrera
Vol 66, No 322 (2016) Fundamental properties of industrial hybrid cement: utilization in ready-mixed concretes and shrinkage-reducing applications Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
P. Martauz, I. Janotka, J. Strigáč, M. Bačuvčík
Vol 49, No 253 (1999) Fundamentals of vanadium dioxide thin films as possible components of intelligent windows Abstract   PDF
Z. P. Wu, I. Nashiyama, H. Naramoto
Vol 60, No 298 (2010) Future Meetings Details   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 25, No 158 (1975) Genenal remarks on Portland cement concretes and a basis for their design Abstract   PDF
M. Sabesinsky Felperinl
Vol 58, No 291 (2008) Geopolymerization of lightweight aggregate waste Abstract   PDF
P. Soares, A. T. Pinto, V. M. Ferreira, J. A. Labrincha
Vol 46, No 242-243 (1996) Glass-ceramics as building materials Abstract   PDF
J. María Rincón, M. Romero
Vol 38, No 209 (1988) Glosario de términos relacionados con el deterioro de las piedras de construcción Abstract   PDF
J. Ordaz, R. M. Esbert
Vol 21, No 144 (1971) Good practice cods for sulphate resisting concrete (remarks on requirements applicable to usable Portland cements) Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja
Vol 15, No 118-119 (1965) Grandes unidades Details   PDF
E. V. Kirkegaard
Vol 7, No 084 (1957) Grandes voladuras Abstract   PDF
Carlos Gascuñana Martí
Vol 44, No 233 (1994) Granites employed in Ávila-Spain. I. Chemical composition of the different types Abstract   PDF
J. García-Talegón, A. C. Íñigo, M. A. Vicente, M. Vargas, E. Molina
Vol 46, No 242-243 (1996) GRC: Composite material from an inorganic matrix reinforced with AR glass fibres Abstract   PDF
P. I. Comino Almenara
Vol 61, No 302 (2011) Ground granulated blast furnace slag efficiency coefficient (k value) in concrete. Applications and limits Abstract   PDF
M. A. Sanjuán, A. Piñeiro, O. Rodríguez
Vol 65, No 319 (2015) Guidelines for assessing the valorization of a waste into cementitious material: dredged sediment for production of self compacting concrete Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
F. Rozas, A. Castillo, I. Martínez, M. Castellote
Vol 70, No 337 (2020): Online First Gypsum based mixes for conservation purposes: evaluation of microstructural and mechanical features Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
V. Brunello, D. Bersani, L. Rampazzi, A. Sansonetti, C. Tedeschi
Vol 23, No 149 (1973) Gypsum burning in one or several phases by suspension in a hot gas Abstract   PDF
J. Steinkuhl, O. Wiechmann, K. Moldan
Vol 24, No 153 (1974) Gypsum moulds. Ancillary products and materials Abstract   PDF
P. Lacheny
Vol 62, No 306 (2012) Gypsum plasterboard walls: inspection, pathological characterization and statistical survey using an expert system Abstract   PDF
C. Gaião, J. de Brito, J. D. Silvestre
Vol 60, No 297 (2010) Gypsum-induced decay in granite monuments in Northwestern Spain Abstract   PDF
B. Silva Hermo, B. Prieto Lamas, T. Rivas Brea, L. Pereira Pardo
Vol 18, No 129 (1968) Heat treatments of concrete Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja
Vol 17, No 127 (1967) Heterogeneities in the chemical composition of concrete Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja, F. Triviño, B. Bacle
Vol 64, No 314 (2014) Heterogeneous photocatalysis on construction materials: effect of catalyst properties on the efficiency for degrading NOx and self cleaning Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
N. Bengtsson, M. Castellote
Vol 43, No 231 (1993) Hidration kinetics study of tlie mixed cements Abstract   PDF
Gabriel . L Duque Fernández, David Díaz Quintanilla, Manuel Zapata Sierra, Ester Rubio Frías
Vol 64, No 314 (2014) High belite cement from alternative raw materials Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
H. Y. Ghorab, M. Rizk, B. Ibrahim, M. M. Allam
Vol 57, No 286 (2007) High performance polymer concrete Abstract   PDF
J. T. San-José, M. Frías
Vol 67, No 328 (2017) High strength oil palm shell concrete beams reinforced with steel fibres Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
S. Poh-Yap, U. Johnson-Alengaram, K. Hung-Mo, M. Zamin-Jumaat
Vol 62, No 308 (2012) High-temperature performance of mortars and concretes based on alkali-activated slag/metakaolin blends Abstract   PDF
S. A. Bernal, R. Mejía de Gutiérrez, F. Ruiz, H. Quiñones, J. L. Provis
Vol 52, No 268 (2002) Historical notes about the development of cement normalization In European Union Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja
Vol 15, No 118-119 (1965) Homologación de la calidad Details   PDF
José M. Balaguer de Pallejá
Vol 12, No 107 (1962) Hormigón en aguas y terrenos agresivos Abstract   PDF
Pablo García de Paredes y Gaibrois
Vol 13, No 109 (1963) Hormigón resistente al aceite por adición de Zempor-B7 Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 15, No 118-119 (1965) Horno rotatorio, tendencias actuales Details   PDF
César García Montón
Vol 15, No 118-119 (1965) Hornos verticales Details   PDF
Sebastián Carpí Vilar
Vol 7, No 081 (1957) Hornos verticales Abstract   PDF
Julián Rezola Izaguirre
Vol 15, No 118-119 (1965) Hornos y molinos verticales Details   PDF
G. Loesche
Vol 22, No 146 (1972) How to avoid losses in drying and firing Abstract   PDF
C. N. Walley
Vol 18, No 131 (1968) How to determine the correct load of the grinding elements to secure optimum output Abstract   PDF
R. C. Jenness
Vol 9, No 095 (1959) How to measure super-fine pouders? Abstract   PDF
W. Wieland
Vol 25, No 157 (1975) Hydrated Portland cement paste Abstract   PDF
J. M., Fernández París
Vol 59, No 296 (2009) Hydration and microstructure of Portland cement partially substituted with ultrafine silica Abstract   PDF
L. Y. Gómez-Zamorano, J. I. Escalante
Vol 53, No 269 (2003) Hydration of portland cement, natural zeolite mortar in water and sulphate solution Abstract   PDF
I. Janotka, S. C. Mojumdar
Vol 24, No 154 (1974) Hydration of tricalcium aluminate in the presence of gypsum Abstract   PDF
F. Triviño Vázquez
Vol 39, No 213 (1989) Hydration of tricalcium silicate in blended Cements manufactured with cuban tuffs Abstract   PDF
Gabriel Luis Duque Fernández, Julio Cesar Llópiz Yurell, Ester Rubio Frías
Vol 56, No 283 (2006) Hydraulic activity of belite cement from class C coal fly ash. Effect of curing and admixtures Abstract   PDF
S. Goñi, A. Guerrero
Vol 53, No 269 (2003) Hydric properties of some iberian ornamental granites with different superficial finishes: a petrophysical interpretation Abstract   PDF
A. Rojo, F. J. Alonso, R. M. Esbert
Vol 60, No 298 (2010) Hydrothermal Synthesis of Zeolite from Coal Class F Fly Ash. Influence of Temperature Abstract   PDF
S. Goñi, R. Peña, A. Guerrero
Vol 29, No 176 (1979) Identificación de incrustaciones en ciclones recuperadores de calor de hornos DOPOL Abstract   PDF
Fernando Triviño Vázquez
Vol 26, No 162 (1976) Identificación y clasificación de aditivos del hormigón por espectroscopia infrarroja y otros métodos de análisis físicos y químicos Partes 1 y 2 Abstract   PDF
P. Diem, K. Krehl
Vol 20, No 137 (1970) Identification and elimination of moulding defects in the brick industry Abstract   PDF
C. Schlinkert
Vol 21, No 142 (1971) Identification of anhydride and hydrated cement compounds Abstract   PDF
F. Triviño Vázquez
Vol 68, No 331 (2018) Identification of best available thermal energy storage compounds for low-to-moderate temperature storage applications in buildings Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
J. Lizana, R. Chacartegui, A. Barrios-Padura, J. M. Valverde, C. Ortiz
Vol 22, No 145 (1972) Identification of phase α —C4AH13 in the accelerated hydratation of a Portland type and clase of clinker Abstract   PDF
J. L. Sagrera
Vol 7, No 080 (1957) II Coloquios de directores y técnicos de fábricas de cemento Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 29, No 175 (1979) II Reunión General del Grupo Latinoamericano de Instituciones del Cemento y del Concreto Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja
Vol 10, No 100 (1960) III Coloquios de Directores y Técnicos de Fábricas de Cemento Details   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 49, No 254 (1999) Immobilisation/solidification of hazardous toxic waste in cement matrices Abstract   PDF
A. Macías, S. Goñi, A. Guerrero, E. Fernández
Vol 67, No 326 (2017) Impact of the use of alternative fuels on clinker reactivity Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
K. Serrano-González, A. Reyes-Valdez, O. Chowaniec
Vol 69, No 334 (2019) Impact of twisting high-performance polyethylene fibre bundle reinforcements on the mechanical characteristics of high-strength concrete Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
Y. Zhang, L. Yan, S. Wang, M. Xu
Vol 67, No 328 (2017) Impact of using lightweight eco-bricks as enclosures for individual houses of one story on zones of high seismicity Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
D. Dominguez, V. P. Muñoz, V. L. Muñoz
Vol 22, No 147 (1972) Importance of the Microscopy of the Clinker Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja
Vol 18, No 130 (1968) Important progress in the manufacture of plate glass Abstract   PDF
Equipo Editorial
Vol 7, No 082 (1957) Impresiones de una visita a la industria del cemento norteamericana Abstract   PDF
José M. de Arteaga Larumbe
Vol 25, No 158 (1975) Impressions about the Soviet Union research centers in the field of cement technology Abstract   PDF
J. Calleja
Vol 65, No 319 (2015) Improved cement mortars by addition of carbonated fly ash from solid waste incinerators Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
O. López-Zaldívar, P. L. Mayor-Lobo, F. Fernández-Martínez, F. Hernández-Olivares
Vol 18, No 132 (1968) Improvements in the application of the Philips PW-1089 vacuum chamber to X ray diffraction quantitative analysis Abstract   PDF
J. L. Sagrera Moreno
Vol 53, No 271-272 (2003) Improving the high performance concrete (HPC) behaviour in high temperatures Abstract   PDF
R. Cattelan Antocheves De Lima, L. C. Pinto Da Silva Filho, C. A. Casonato
Vol 57, No 288 (2007) Improving the prediction of strength and rigidity of structural timber by combining ultrasound techniques with visual grading parameters Abstract   PDF
M. Conde García, J. I. Fernández-Golfín Seco, E. Hermoso Prieto
Vol 63, No 309 (2013) Incompatible building materials within the stereotomic Avalos sculptures of the Valley of Fallen (Madrid, Spain) Abstract   PDF
J. García-Guinea, G. Almendros, D. Benavente, V. Correcher, A. Pérez-García, L. Recio-Vázquez, S. Sánchez-Moral
Vol 68, No 331 (2018) Incorporating graphene oxide into lime solution: A study of flocculation and corresponding improvement Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
G. J. Jing, Z. M. Ye, X. L. Lu, J. M. Wu, S. X. Wang, X. Cheng
Vol 36, No 202 (1986) Inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry Abstract   PDF
M. Isabel Sánchez de Rojas, M. Pilar de Luxán, Moisés Frías
Vol 19, No 133 (1969) Industrial manufacture of expanded clay Abstract   PDF
J. C. Cubaud, M. Murat
Vol 65, No 317 (2015) Industrial trial to produce a low clinker, low carbon cement Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
L. M. Vizcaíno-Andrés, S. Sánchez-Berriel, S. Damas-Carrera, A. Pérez-Hernández, K. L. Scrivener, J. F. Martirena-Hernández
Vol 7, No 083 (1957) Inestabilidad de volumen en el cemento portland Abstract   PDF
José Laffarga Osteret
Vol 66, No 324 (2016) Influence of aggregate and supplementary cementitious materials on the properties of hydrated lime (CL90s) mortars Abstract   HTML   PDF   XML
S. Pavía, M. Aly
Vol 18, No 132 (1968) Influence of aggregates on the strength of concrete Abstract   PDF
A. Steopoe
Vol 53, No 271-272 (2003) Influence of alkalis from different sources than cement in the evolution of alkali-silica reaction Abstract   PDF
C. Olague, G. Wenglas, P. Castro
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