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Ferrán Goma Ginesta
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Vol 53, No 271-272 (2003) Effect of distance from sea on chloride aggressiveness in concrete structures in brazilian coastal site Abstract  PDF
G. R. Meira, I. J. Padaratz, C. Alonso, C. Andrade
Vol 54, No 276 (2004) A comparative experimental study of steel fibre-additive reinforced concrete beams Abstract  PDF
F. Altun, T. Haktanir
Vol 54, No 273 (2004) Evaluation of concrete mechanical strength through porosity Abstract  PDF
M. Olivares, J. Lafarga, C. Galán, P. Nadal
Vol 70, No 338 (2020) Preliminary study on the upcycle of non-structural construction and demolition waste for waste cleaning Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
P. Chen, X. Chen, Y. Wang, P. Wang
Vol 40, No 220 (1990) Concrete blocks. Analysis of UNE, ISO en standards and comparison with other international standards Abstract  PDF
Marina Álvarez Alonso, Olga Río Suárez, Pilar Rodríguez-Monteverde Cantarell, J. Miguel Barbero Sánchez
Vol 53, No 271-272 (2003) Evaluation of the method of electrochemical extraction of chlorides ions for the rehabilitation of concrete structures with reinforcement corrosion problems Abstract  PDF
E. Monteiro, P. Helene, P. Barbosa
Vol 52, No 265 (2002) Effect of lightweight aggregate intrinsic Strength on lightweight concrete compressive strength and modulus of elasticity Abstract  PDF
C. Videla, M. López
Vol 53, No 271-272 (2003) Recycled construction debris as an aggregates. Production of concrete blocks Abstract  PDF
J. G. G. Sousa, E. Bauer, R. M. Sposto
Vol 52, No 267 (2002) Use of dry sludge from waste water treatment plants as an additive in prefabricated concrete brick Abstract  PDF
A. Yagüe, S. Valls, E. Vázquez, V. Kuchinow
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