Issue Title
Vol 59, No 296 (2009) Study of the decalcification process in mortars degraded by NH4NO3 by using ultrasonic techniques Abstract  PDF
I. Segura, A. Moragues, D. E. Macphee, J. J. Anaya, M. Molero
Vol 59, No 295 (2009) Physical and mechanical characterisation of historic mortars. Application to the evaluation of the state of conservation Abstract  PDF
A. Magalhães, R. Veiga
Vol 61, No 302 (2011) Effect of a biodegradable natural polymer on the properties of hardened lime-based mortars Abstract  PDF
A. Izaguirre, J. Lanas, J. I. Álvarez
Vol 57, No 286 (2007) Study of plaster finishes on San Pedro de los Francos church at Calatayud Abstract  PDF
R. Bustamante, Mª I Sánchez de Rojas
Vol 57, No 285 (2007) Technical Note: Statistical analysis of defects of tiles´ joints Abstract  PDF
J. Silvestre, J. de Brito
Vol 56, No 284 (2006) Effect of mortar joint thickness on deformability in medieval stone walls Abstract  PDF
M. J. Cassinello
Vol 56, No 283 (2006) Characteristic compression strength of a brickwork masonry starting from the strength of its components. Experimental verification of analitycal equations of european codes Abstract  PDF
A. Rolando
Vol 61, No 301 (2011) Simple method of dynamic Young’s modulus determination in lime and cement mortars Abstract  PDF
J. R. Rosell, I. R. Cantalapiedra
Vol 59, No 295 (2009) Characterization of surfacing on exteriors and identification of pathologies in San Francisco de Paula (Pelotas/Rio Grande del Sud, Brasil) Abstract  PDF
Margarete R. F. Gonçalves, Mário M. Oliveira
Vol 57, No 287 (2007) Mechanical characterization of Portland cement mortars containing petroleum or coal tar Abstract  PDF
J. S. Alcaide, E. G. Alcocel, E. Vilaplana, D. Cazorla, P. Garcés
Vol 57, No 285 (2007) Behaviour of corroded steel in a Ca(OH)2-saturated solution and in cement mortar. Possibility of rehabilitation Abstract  PDF
J. M. Miranda, E. Otero, J. A. González, L. S. Hernández
Vol 60, No 300 (2010) The effect of silica fume and metakaolin on glass-fibre reinforced concrete (GRC) ageing Abstract  PDF
A. Enfedaque Díaz, L. Sánchez Paradela, V. Sánchez-Gálvez
Vol 55, No 278 (2005) Evaluation of performance of materials used in the ceramic materials restoration of the Plaza de España (Sevilla) Abstract  PDF
F. J. Alejandre Sánchez, R. Villegas Sánchez, M. Jurado Pérez
Vol 67, No 325 (2017) New nanomaterials for applications in conservation and restoration of stony materials: A review Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
A. Sierra-Fernandez, L. S. Gomez-Villalba, M. E. Rabanal, R. Fort
Vol 38, No 212 (1988) Sulfate resistance evaluation of the cement with fly ash (using the Koch & Steinegger method) Abstract  PDF
Edgardo F. Irassar, Jorge D. Sota, Oscar R. Batic
Vol 53, No 270 (2003) Modifications in concrete superficial properties due to the use of different formworkrelease agents and plastic additives Abstract  PDF
A. Beltramone, F. A. García Cruz, A. García Santos
Vol 59, No 295 (2009) Design and performance of masonry mortars made with recycled concrete aggregates Abstract  PDF
I. Vegas, I. Azkarate, A. Juarrero, M. Frías
Vol 60, No 298 (2010) Metakaolin sand – a promising addition for Portland cement Abstract  PDF
I. Janotka, F. Puertas, M. Palacios, C. Varga, L. Krajči
Vol 57, No 288 (2007) Carbon fibre-reinforced, alkali-activated slag mortars Abstract  PDF
J. S. Alcaide, E. G. Alcocel, F. Puertas, R. Lapuente, P. Garcés
Vol 62, No 308 (2012) Physical and mechanical characterization of Portland cement mortars made with expanded polystyrene particles addition (EPS) Abstract  PDF
V. Ferrándiz-Mas, E. García-Alcocel
Vol 61, No 304 (2011) Pathologies and analytical study of mosaic materials from Carmona and Italica Abstract  PDF
T. Palomar, M. García-Heras, C. Saiz-Jiménez, C. Márquez, M. A. Villegas
Vol 68, No 329 (2018) Combined effect of nano-SiO2 and nano-Fe2O3 on compressive strength, flexural strength, porosity and electrical resistivity in cement mortars Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
M. A. Sanjuán, C. Argiz, J. C. Gálvez, E. Reyes
Vol 61, No 302 (2011) Pozzolanic evaluation of the sugar cane leaf Abstract  PDF
A. Guzmán, C. Gutiérrez, V. Amigó, R. Mejía de Gutiérrez, S. Delvasto
Vol 69, No 335 (2019) Influence of soda-lime waste glass microparticles on workability and thermal properties of portland cement compounds Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
C. B. C. S. Alvarenga, O. M. Heiderick, T. A. Couto, P. R. Cetlin, R. B. C. Sales, M. T. P. Aguilar
Vol 60, No 300 (2010) Flowability in crushed sand mortar Abstract  PDF
O. A. Cabrera, L. P. Traversa, N. F. Ortega
Vol 67, No 326 (2017) Predicting the drying shrinkage behavior of high strength portland cement mortar under the combined influence of fine aggregate and steel micro fiber Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
Zhengqi Li
Vol 60, No 299 (2010) The alkali–aggregate reaction for various aggregates used in concrete Abstract  PDF
J. Gadea, J. Soriano, A. Martín, P. L. Campos, A. Rodríguez, C. Junco, I. Adán, V. Calderón
Vol 60, No 297 (2010) Seville City Hall Chapter Room ceiling decoration Abstract  PDF
Durán A., M. D. Robador, M. C. Jiménez de Haro, L. K. Herrera, P. Gimena, J. L. Pérez-Rodríguez
Vol 66, No 324 (2016) Influence of aggregate and supplementary cementitious materials on the properties of hydrated lime (CL90s) mortars Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
S. Pavía, M. Aly
Vol 68, No 332 (2018) Influence of bagasse ash with different fineness on alkali-silica reactivity of mortar Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
S. Ramjan, W. Tangchirapat, C. Jaturapitakkul
Vol 62, No 306 (2012) Materials used to build the wooden vault over the Plenary Hall in the Spanish Senate Buiding Abstract  PDF
R. Bustamante, J. Monjo, M. I. Sánchez de Rojas
Vol 68, No 332 (2018) Comparative study of the influence of three types of fibre in the shrinkage of recycled mortar Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
P. Saiz-Martínez, D. Ferrández-Vega, C. Morón-Fernández, A. Payán de Tejada-Alonso
Vol 53, No 271-272 (2003) Influence of clinker grinding-aids on the intrinsic characteristics of cements and on the behaviour of mortars Abstract  PDF
L. Fernández Luco, F. Dorrego, M. P. De Luxán
Vol 70, No 340 (2020): Online First Influence of the addition of carbon fibers on the properties of hydraulic lime mortars: comparison with glass and basalt fibers Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
A. Bustos, E. Moreno, F. González, A. Cobo
Vol 62, No 308 (2012) Characterization of mudejar mortars from St. Gil Abbot church (Zaragoza, Spain): Investigation of the manufacturing technology of ancient gypsum mortars Abstract  PDF
J. Igea, P. Lapuente, S. Martínez-Ramírez, M. T. Blanco-Varela
Vol 68, No 330 (2018) Valorisation of sugarcane bagasse ash (SCBA) with high quartz content as pozzolanic material in Portland cement mixtures Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
A. M. Pereira, J. C.B. Moraes, M. J.B. Moraes, J. L. Akasaki, M. M. Tashima, L. Soriano, J. Monzó, J. Payá
Vol 54, No 275 (2004) Carbonation kinetics in roman-like lime mortar Abstract  PDF
S. Sánchez-Moral, J. García-Guinea, L. Luque Luque, R. González-Martín, P. López-Arce
Vol 65, No 319 (2015) A new procedure to adapt any type of soil for the consolidation and construction of earthen structures: projected earth system Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
R. Fuentes-García, I. Valverde-Palacios, I. Valverde-Espinosa
Vol 69, No 336 (2019) Assessment of mechanical properties of fibrous mortar and interlocking soil stabilised block (ISSB) for low-cost masonry housing Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
F. Qamar, T. Thomas, M. Ali
Vol 68, No 329 (2018) The influence of untreated sugarcane bagasse ash on the microstructural and mechanical properties of mortars Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
M. A. Maldonado-García, U. I. Hernández-Toledo, P. Montes-García, P. L. Valdez-Tamez
Vol 65, No 319 (2015) Improved cement mortars by addition of carbonated fly ash from solid waste incinerators Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
O. López-Zaldívar, P. L. Mayor-Lobo, F. Fernández-Martínez, F. Hernández-Olivares
Vol 65, No 319 (2015) Characterization and influence of fine recycled aggregates on masonry mortars properties Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
P. Saiz-Martínez, M. González-Cortina, F. Fernández-Martínez
Vol 69, No 334 (2019) Study of the expansion of cement mortars manufactured with Ladle Furnace Slag LFS Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
A. Rodríguez, I. Santamaría-Vicario, V. Calderón, C. Junco, J. García-Cuadrado
Vol 67, No 325 (2017) A review of sample preparation and its influence on pH determination in concrete samples Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
S. Manso, A. Aguado
Vol 65, No 318 (2015) Influence of supplementary cementitious materials on water transport kinetics and mechanical properties of hydrated lime and cement mortars Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
C. Ince, S. Derogar, T. M. Michelitsch
Vol 69, No 334 (2019) Characterisation of recycled ceramic mortars for use in prefabricated beam-filling pieces in structural floors Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
P. Rubio de Hita, F. Pérez-Gálvez, M. J. Morales-Conde, M. A. Pedreño-Rojas
Vol 65, No 318 (2015) Mineralogical, textural and physical-mechanical study of hydraulic lime mortars cured under different moisture conditions Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
A. Arizzi, G. Martinez-Huerga, E. Sebastián-Pardo, G. Cultrone
Vol 68, No 332 (2018) Theoretical and experimental analysis of multifunctional high performance cement mortar matrices reinforced with varying lengths of carbon fibers Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
R. A. Khushnood, S. Muhammad, S. Ahmad, J. M. Tulliani, M. U. Qamar, Q. Ullah, S. A. Khan, A. Maqsom
Vol 52, No 267 (2002) The lime renderings from plaza de la Corredera, Córdoba Abstract  PDF
T. González Limón, M. Álvarez de Buergo Ballester
Vol 63, No 309 (2013) Characterization of backfill mortars used in different tunnels in Spain Abstract  PDF
S. Cavalaro, A. Aguado
Vol 66, No 323 (2016) Capsules with evolving brittleness to resist the preparation of self-healing concrete Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
E. Gruyaert, K. Van Tittelboom, J. Sucaet, J. Anrijs, S. Van Vlierberghe, P. Dubruel, B. G. De Geest, J. P. Remon, N. De Belie
Vol 66, No 321 (2016) Composite cement mortars based on marine sediments and oyster shell powder Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
H. Ez-zaki, A. Diouri, S. Kamali-Bernard, O. Sassi
Vol 68, No 331 (2018) The influence of CuO nanoparticles and boron wastes on the properties of cement mortar Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
M. Yildirim, E. M. Derun
Vol 66, No 321 (2016) A proposal for the maximum use of recycled concrete sand in masonry mortar design Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
E. Fernández-Ledesma, J. R. Jiménez, J. Ayuso, V. Corinaldesi, F. J. Iglesias-Godino
Vol 68, No 330 (2018) Efficiency of self-healing cementitious materials with encapsulated polyurethane to reduce water ingress through cracks Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
B. Van Belleghem, K. Van Tittelboom, N. De Belie
Vol 65, No 320 (2015) Ranking procedure based on mechanical, durability and thermal behavior of mortars with incorporation of phase change materials Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
S. Cunha, J. Aguiar, A. Tadeu
Vol 54, No 275 (2004) Physical-Chemical characterization of roman mortars in El Ruedo at Almedinilla, Córdoba Abstract  PDF
J. M. Fernández Rodríguez, J. A. Fernández Fernández
Vol 65, No 319 (2015) Physical-chemical characteristics of an eco-friendly binder using ternary mixture of industrial wastes Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
Hoang-Anh Nguyen, Ta-Peng Chang, Chun-Tao Chen, Tzong-Ruey Yang, Tien-Dung Nguyen
Vol 70, No 337 (2020) Evaluation of the physical-mechanical properties of cement-lime based masonry mortars produced with mixed recycled aggregates Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
R. L.S. Ferreira, M. A.S. Anjos, E. F. Ledesma, J. E.S. Pereira, A. K.C. Nóbrega
Vol 54, No 275 (2004) The Monastery of Uclés (Cuenca, Spain): characterization and deterioration of building materials Abstract  PDF
M. Álvarez De Buergo, R. Fort, M. Gómez-Heras
Vol 70, No 339 (2020) Thermal properties of cement mortar with different mix proportions Abstract  HTML  PDF  XML
P. Shafigh, I. Asadi, A. R. Akhiani, N. B. Mahyuddin, M. Hashemi
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