Effect of synthetic surfactants, salinity and alkalinity on the properties of asphalt emulsions


  • G. Márquez Universidad de Huelva
  • J. J. Martín Universidad de Sevilla
  • F. J. Alejandre Universidad de Sevilla
  • J. C. Fortes Universidad de Huelva
  • F. Prat Universidad de Huelva
  • J. M. Dávila Universidad de Huelva




asphalt emulsions, impermeability, pH, rheology, particle size distribution


This paper studies the effect of salinity, alkalinity and amount of ionic and non-ionic synthetic surfactants in the aqueous emulsifier used to prepare oil-in-water or asphaltic emulsions on the performance of such substances as waterproofing on buildings. The emulsion systems studied here were prepared with Venezuelan extra heavy oil. The findings showed that the four variables modified viscosity, surface tension and mean particle size, physical properties that are instrumental to asphalt emulsion stability.


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Márquez, G., Martín, J. J., Alejandre, F. J., Fortes, J. C., Prat, F., & Dávila, J. M. (2009). Effect of synthetic surfactants, salinity and alkalinity on the properties of asphalt emulsions. Materiales De Construcción, 59(295), 79–89. https://doi.org/10.3989/mc.2009.42507



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