About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Journal founded in 1949 at the Technical Institute for Construction and Cement under the heading Últimos avances en materiales de construcción. Boletín de circulación limitada (ISSN 1698-9333). In 1958 was renamed as Materiales de Construcción. Ultimos avances (ISSN 0465-2746) and published with its actual name from 1974.

Materiales de Construcción is a quarterly, scientific Journal published in English, intended for researchers, plant technicians and other professionals engaged in the area of Construction, Materials Science and Technology. Scientific articles focus mainly on:

- Physics and chemistry of the formation of cement and other binders.
- Cement and concrete. Components (aggregate, admixtures, additions and similar). Behaviour and properties.
- Durability and corrosion of other construction materials.
- Restoration and conservation of the materials in heritage monuments.
- Weathering and the deterioration of construction materials.
- Use of industrial waste and by-products in construction.
- Manufacture and properties of other construction materials, such as: gypsum/plaster, lime%2

Peer Review Process

Materiales de Construcción will confirm receipt of all original manuscripts received.

The Editorial Board may reject an article without evaluating if it does not adhere rigorously to the guidelines, both formal and content, or if its contents do not fall within the scope of the journal.

After this preliminary analysis all articles will be submitted to an external review according to the double-blind peer review process in which at least two external referees will participate, appealing to a third party if necessary. Those referees should be prestigious researchers specialized in the subject. The anonymity of both the author and the reviewers will be maintained, however, the lists of external reviewers who have collaborated with the journal in previous years will be published periodically, with prior authorization.

Authors will be notified on the acceptance or definitive rejection of the article.

Dates of receipt and approval will be indicated in each published article.

The Editorial Board, attending the external reports, will be in charge of making the decision on whether to reject or accept each article.

Publication Frequency

Materiales de Construcción is published in one yearly volume, divided into four quarterly issues appearing in March, June, September and December.

Open Access Policy

Materiales de Construcción provides immediate and unrestricted full text access to all its contents. There are no processing charges.

Anti-plagiarism Policy

Editorial CSIC is a member of Similarity Check, a multi-publisher initiative started by Crossref to screen published and submitted content for originality.

Through Similarity Check, we use the iThenticate software to detect instances of overlapping and similar text in submitted or published manuscripts.

By depositing all of our content in the Similarity Check database we allow other Similarity Check members to screen their submissions against our published articles.

Further details on our authorship, originality and plagiarism policies can be found in our Good editorial practice guidelines section.

Crossref Similarity Check

Authorship identification

This Journal applies the ORCID ® persistent digital identifier as a way to ensure proper authorship normalisation.

Sales and Subscriptions

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For enquiry about printed format email to publ@csic.es

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Exemption of responsability

The opinions and facts stated in each article are the exclusive responsibility of the authors. The “Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas” is not responsible in any case of the credibility and authenticity of the work.

Indexing systems

Materiales de Construcción is covered by Web of Science: Journal Citation Reports (JCR) y Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI); SCOPUS, CWTS Leiden Ranking (Journal indicators), REDIB, DOAJ, Chemical Abstracts, Ceramic Abstracts, Analytical Abstracts, Metadex, Pascal, Fundación Getty, Urbadoc, Sumaris Scimago Web and ICYT. Also included in Latindex Catalogue and endorsed by the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB).

Interoperability protocols

Materiales de Construcción provides an interface OAI-PMH (Open Archives Initiative – Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) that allows other websites and information services to harvest the published content metadata.


OAI-PMH Protocol Version 2.0
Dublin Core Metadata

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Digital preservation policy

This journal develops various processes in order to preserve permanent access to digital objects hosted on its own servers:

- Backups.
- Monitoring of the technological environment to foresee possible migrations of obsolete formats or software.
- Digital preservation metadata.
- Use of DOI.

The files published on this website are available in easily reproducible formats (PDF, HTML and XML-JATS labeled according to NLM Journal Publishing 3.0).

This journal is part of the Public Knowledge Project’s Private LOCKSS Network (PKP-PLN). PKP-PLN generates a decentralized archive system distributed among collaborating libraries in order to create permanent archives of the journal for preservation of the authentic original version of the content and its restoration if necessary.

A list of journal issues currently preserved in the PKP PN is available.

Digital preservation policy will be periodically reviewed by Editorial CSIC.

Research data policy

We recommend authors depositing data obtained from the research developed for the preparation of their article in repositories of recognized prestige, specific to the discipline or of a generalist nature. In any case, it must be a FAIR repository (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable), preferably in open access.

There are several repositories destined to conserve and disseminate concrete data such as results of surveys, observations, interviews, simulations, automatically collected data, samples, models ... If necessary, authors can consult the Registry of Research Data Repositories re3data taking into account that each repository has its own deposit rules.

Those CSIC authors who would like to deposit their datasets in Digital.CSIC may do so by following these guidelines. They can use the Servicio de Archivo Delegado made available by the Technical Office of DIGITAL.CSIC and the Red de Bibliotecas CSIC.

DIGITAL.CSIC generates DOIs for datasets and associated software and is certified as data repository in re3data and Repository Finder. More information at Política de datos en Digital.CSIC.

If the author has deposited datasets in a repository, he should mention it in the article providing a brief description of the type of data deposited, the name and URL of the repository, the identification code and the data of the license for use and distribution. This information must be included at the end of the article, immediately before the bibliographic listing, under the heading "Data availability".

List of reviewers 2017-2019

Materiales de Construcción is very grateful to all those scholars who kindly collaborated in the evaluation process along 2017, 2018 and 2019. Only those who expressly agreed are listed here:

Aguado, Antonio, Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, España
Aira, José Ramón, Universidad de Santiago Compostela, España
Almendro, Mª Belen, Universidad de Elche, España
Alonso, Francisco Javier, Universidad de Oviedo, España
Alonso, Mar, IETcc-CSIC Madrid, España
Alvarez del Buergo, Mónica, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, España
Alvarez, Jose Ignacio, Universidad de Navarra, España
Argiz, Cristina, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España
Arriaga, Francisco, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España
Baeza Brotons, Francisco, Universidad de Alicante, España
Baño, Vanesa, Universidad de la República de Uruguay, Uruguay
Barbero, Mar, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España
Barluenga, Gonzalo, Universidad Alcalá de Henares, España
Bautista, Ascensión, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, España
Behnood, Ali, Purdue University, EEUU
Benavente, David, Universidad de Alicante, España
Benitez Baena, José Mª, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España
Bernat, Ernest, Universidad de Politécnica de Cataluña, España
Blanco Alvarez, Ana, Loughborough University, Reino Unido
Blanco Varela, Mª Teresa, IETcc-CSIC Madrid, España
Bobadilla, Ignacio, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España
Bolívar, Juan Pedro, Universidad de Huelva, España
Borralleras, Pere, BASF, España
Brito, Jorge del, Universidad de Lisboa, Portugal
Burgos, Olga, Alfran (Sevilla), España
Caballol, David, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España
Cabeza, Luisa, Universidad de Lérida, España
Cabrera, Oscar, UNICEN, Argentina, España
Calderón, Verónica, Universidad de Burgos, España
Cano, Emilio, CENIM-CSIC, Madrid, España
Carballosa, Pedro, IETCC-CSIC, Madrid, España
Carmona Quiroga, Paula, IETCC-CSIC, Madrid, España
Casati, Mª Jesús, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España
Cassinello, Pepa, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España
Castro Fresno, Daniel, Universidad de Cantabria, España
Chamorro, Miguel Angel, Universidad de Gerona, España
Chinchón Payá, Servando, IETcc - CSIC, Madrid, España
Chinchon Yepes, Servando, Universidad de Alicante, España
Climent, Miguel Angel, Universidad de Alicante, España
Corinaldesi, Valeria, Universita Politecnica delle Marche, (Ancona), Italia
Criado, María, IETcc-CSIC, Madrid, España
Cultrone, Giuseppe, Universidad de Granada, España
Damborenea, Juan José, CENIM-CSIC, Madrid, España
De Belie, Nele, University of Gent, España
Delvasto Arjona, Silvio, Universidad del Valle, Colombia
Diego, Ana del, IETCC-CSIC, Madrid, España
Diouri, Abdeljabbar, Mohammed VI University, Rabat, Marruecos
Do Bom Conselho Sales, Rosemary, Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerias- UEM, Brasil
Dondi, Michele, CNR, Italia
Donghun, Yeo, University of Maryland at Baltimore County, EE.UU.
Duncam, Vilma, University of Ljubljana, Eslovenia
Eliche-Quesada, Dolores, Universidad de Jaen, España
Ergenç, Duygu, Middle East Technical Univer, Turkey
Escalante, Ivan, CINVESTAV, México
Espín, Antonio Tomás, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, España
Esteban, Miguel, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España
Fajardo, Santiago, CENIM-CSIC, Madrid, España
Fernandes, Jorge, Universidad de Minho, Portugal
Fernández Golfin, Juan, INIA-CSIC, España
Fernández Prada, Miguel Ángel, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, España
Fernández Ruiz, Jesús, Univesidad de A Coruña, España
Fernández, Ana, IETcc-CSIC Madrid, España
Ferone, Claudio, Universidad de Nápoles, Italia
Flores Ales, Vicente, Universidad de Sevilla, España
Fonseca C., Priscilla, Quinnipiac University, EEUU
Fort, Rafael, IGEO-UCM-CSIC Madrid, España
Freire, David, IGEO-UCM, España
Frias, Moises, IETCC-CSIC, Madrid, España
Fuente, Albert de la, Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, España
Gaiteiro, Juan José, Tecnalia (Bilbao), España
Galán, Isabel, Universidad de Graz, Austria
Garcés, Pedro, Universidad de Alicante, España
García Albertí, Marcos, Caminos - Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España
García Alcocer, Eva, Universidad de Alicante, España
García Calvo, José Luis, IETCC-CSIC, Madrid, España
García Guinea, Javier, MNCN - CSIC, España
García Lodeiro, Inés, IETCC-CSIC, Madrid, España
García Pérez, Germán, Grupo Cementos Portland Valderrivas, España
Gasco, Catalina, CIEMAT, España
Gevaudan, Juan Pablo, University of Leeds, Reino Unido
Ghorab, Hanaa, Helwan University (Cairo), Egypto
Gil Espert, Lluis, Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, España
Gisbert Aguilar, Jose Jorge, Universidad de Zaragoza, España
Gómez de la Torre, Mª Angeles, Universidad de Málaga, España
Gómez Soberón, José Manuel, Universidad Politecnica de Cataluña, España
González Fontebóa, Belén, Universidad A Coruña, España
González Taboada, Iris, Universidad A Coruña, España
Gordillo, Marisol, Univ. Autónoma de Occidente de Colombia, Colombia
Hermoso, Eva, INIA-CSIC, España
Hevia, Andrea, Centro Tecnologico de la Madera (UHU), España
Hoyos Montilla, Ary Alain, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia
Íñiguez, Guillermo, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, España
Jiménez del Barco-Carrión, A., University of Granada, España
Lazaro, Carlos, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, España
Ledesma, Alberto, Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, España
Lerma, Carlos, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, España
Lizana, Jesus, Universidad de Sevilla, España
Lombillo, Ignacio, Universidad de Cantabria, España
López Vidal, Alejandro, ANDECE, España
López, Mauricio, Pontificia Universidad de Chile, Chile
Lothenbach, Barbara, EMPA ZURICH, Suiza
Maciá, Mª Eugenia, Universidad San Pablo CEU, España
Maldonado, Erick E., Universidad Veracruzana, México
Manso Villalain, Juan Manuel, Universidad de Burgos, España
Marí, Antonio, Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, España
Martín Morales, María, Universidad de Granada, España
Martín, Oscar, Universidad de Valladolid, España
Martinez-Ramirez, Sagrario, IEM-CFMAC CSIC, España
Martinez, German, Universidad de Granada, España
Martínez, Mª Isabel, Universidad de A Coruña, España
Medina, Cesar, Universidad de Extremadura, España
Mejía, Ruby, Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia
Menendez, Esperanza, IETCC-CSIC, Madrid, España
Miró Recasens, Rodrigo, Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, España
Monjo, Juan, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España
Moragues, Amparo, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España
Moreno, Esther, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España
Muñoz Sanguinetti, Claudia, Universidad del Bío-Bío, Chile
Muñoz V., P., Universidad Autónoma de Chile, Chile
Najimi, Meysam, Iowa University, EE.UU.
Navacerrada, Mª Angeles, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España
Navarro Moreno, David, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, España
Nazer Varela, Amin, Universidad de Atacama, Chile
Neila, Javier, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, España
Nevshupa, Roman, IETCC-CSIC, Madrid, España
Nunes, Sandra, Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Oliveira, Miguel José, Universidad del Algarve, Portugal
Ontiveros, Esther, Universidad de Sevilla, España
Ortíz Lozano, José, Universidad de Aguascal