Materiales de Construcción, Vol 55, No 280 (2005)

Recycling industrial waste in brick manufacture. Part 1

F. Andreola
Universidad de Módena y Reggio EmiHa. Módena, Italy

L. Barbieri
Universidad de Módena y Reggio EmiHa. Módena

I. Lancelloti
Universidad de Módena y Reggio EmiHa. Módena, Italy

P. Pozzi
Universidad de Módena y Reggio EmiHa. Módena, Italy


The ongoing accumulation of industrial waste speaks to the need to seek cost-effective disposal methods. Brick manufacture would appear to be particularly promising in this regard. The present study analyzes the possibility of recycling the sludge generated in porcelain tile polishing, as well as coal, steel and municipal incinerator ash to make a special type of facing brick whose properties readily accommodate a full analysis of all the problems deriving from the incorporation of residue in its manufacture. Physical-chemical, mechanical and structural analyses were performed on bricks made with varying percentages of the different types of waste considered. This first paper reports the results of the physical arid technological characterization of the products; the second part of the research will address their chemical, mechanical and structural properties.


brick; fly ash; physical properties

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