Materiales de Construcción, Vol 50, No 259 (2000)

The leaning Tower of Pisa, Structure, building materials and reinforcement interventions

F. Veniale
Comité Internacional para la Salvaguarda de la Torre de Pisa. Dpto. de Ciencias de la Tierra. Univ. de Pavía, Italy


An exhaustive diagnosis of "anatomy, physiology and pathology" of the masonry body of the leaning Tower of Pisa has been carried out with the aim of integrate the knowledge of the structure features, mechanical conditions and decay processes of the building materials, necessary for correctly managing the therapy, temporary and definitive interventions.
The interventions already or being implemented consist of (i) outer circular slightly stressed steel tendons, (ii) inner stressed and/or passive strainless bars, and (iii) grouting by a specially devised cement admixture.
The paper will not be dealing with "materic" restoration works, and geotechnical interventions for reducing the progressive tilting and stabilizing the foundation/subsoil system of the Tower.

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