Materiales de Construcción, Vol 44, No 233 (1994)

Analysis of the size of sandstone particles from the Cathedrals of Salamanca. Independence between granulometry and deterioration

M. T. Martín Patino
CSIC y Departamento de Química Agrícola y Geología Universidad Autónoma. Canto Blanco. Madrid, Spain

F. Madruga
Euroconsult. Salamanca, Spain

J. Saavedra
IRA/CSIC. Salamanca, Spain


11 sandstone samples from the cathedrals of Salamanca were analysed granulometrically. The study was to establish whether there is a direct connection between the particle size of such stone and the surface deterioration of some of the ashlars in the facades. This was carried out with the help of diffraction spectrometry by laser beams.
The results show that there is no connection between the nature of the stone texture and their degree of surface deterioration.

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