Materiales de Construcción, Vol 44, No 233 (1994)

Influencia del filler calizo en las propiedades de los morteros a resistencia constante

Francisco Hernández

Ignacio Mnéndez

Fernando Triviño


This article studies the effects produced by the lime filler on the Portugal cement used with additions in the production of mortars.
The starting point is a Portland cement to which different ratios of lime filler, ranging from 0-50%, are added. The next step consists of preparing mortar specimens using standardized sand as aggregate, curing them up to the age of 28 days when they are put to flexo-tensile and compression tests.
The mortar strength is fixed at the age of 28 days, making it coincide with the strength of a pattern cement mortar (cement without additions) of the same age. Then the effects of the filler on the slump and the water cement relation are observed for fixed strength.

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