Materiales de Construcción, Vol 37, No 207 (1987)

Approach to the effect of concrete resistivity in the corrosion of rebars in concrete

C. Alonso

C. Andrade

J. A. González
Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Metalúrgicas, Spain


The concrete resistivity has been considered as a factor which affects the corrosion rate of the rebars. Untill now the only relation found has been stablished between potentials and resistivity for steel embedded in Chloride contaminated concrete.
In this paper a comparison between corrosion rate of rebars, determined from Polarization Resistance method, and Electrical Resistance data measured through the electronic compensation of the ohmic drop are given.
The results of icorr and Rohm has been measured for rebars embedded in mortar made with three different types of cement. The specimens were submited to an accelerated carbonation.
The relation between icorr and Rohm is quite similar in all the cases and suggests that the concrete electrical resistivity may be a controling factor of the corrosion rate of the rebars.

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