Experimentation and numerical analysis of the influence of geogrids with emulsion insertion on the behavior of bituminous pavements - Case of Ouargla aerodrome





Pavement, Experimental, Modelling, Geogrid, HWD


This paper presents an experimental study on a set of 30 specimens, tested on three-point bending, divided into two categories. With the insertion of geogrids and cathodic emulsions, the first category consists of 14 prismatic beams and the second of 16 pre-cracked and reinforced slab specimens. In situ tests were carried out using a heavy deflectometer (HWD) on a flexible runway of an airfield located in the city of Ouragla (800 km south-east of Algiers), before and after its reinforcement. This work showed, with a numerical calibration, that the geogrid with emulsion, improves the displacements and the stresses approximately 30% and increases the modulus of elasticity and the modulus of rupture (MOR) by 60% and 20%, respectively. The damping coefficient (k) can reach the value of 2 to 5, which increases the longevity of a reinforced flexible pavement.


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