Materiales de Construcción, Vol 35, No 198 (1985)

Primera consulta sobre la industria de los materiales de la construcción organizada por ONUDI y UNCHS (HABITAT)

Julián Salas


This work, devoted to the First Consultation sponsored by ONUDI-UNCHS (HABITAT) relative to "Building Materials Industry", selects three different sides of it: the final version of the conclusions and recommendations prepared in Athens by the participants, the author personal answers, as a participant himself, to some questions elabored by the Consultation organizers as well as a brief account of the round tables held in the IETcc with some of the Latin American professionals who took part in the X Course of High Studies on Construction focused on this important event.
Thus the aim is to try to spread among the readers of spanish language the Athens recommendations on the industry development of building materials in developing countries.

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