Materiales de Construcción, Vol 35, No 197 (1985)

Conmemoración del cincuenta aniversario del Instituto de la Construcción y del Cemento "Eduardo Torroja"

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The fiftieth foundation anniversary of the Building and Cement Institute (Instituto de la Construcción y del Cemento "Eduardo Torroja ") has been celebrated.
On this occasion, an exhibition of Eduardo Torroja’s works has been opened with the collaboration of the Civil Engineers College. At the same time, Scientific and Technic working meetings on Building and Cement have been held on November 20th, 21st and 22nd. Some Spanish and foreign well-known specialists have participated. The meetings were divided in three fields of study devoted to Building Materials, Technology of Building and Standards, Quality and Cooperation.
The closing session of these Commemorative Acts was presided by the Minister of Public Works and Town Planning who was accompanied by the Presidents of the Higher Council of Scientific Research, of the Iberoamerican Cooperation Institute and of the Instituto Eduardo Torroja, among some other personalities.

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