Vol 67, No 326 (2017)


Table of Contents

Research Articles

Use of rubber shreds to enhance attenuation of railway sub-ballast layers made of unbound aggregates
C. Hidalgo-Signes, J. Garzón-Roca, J. M. Grima-Palop, R. Insa-Franco
A new method in estimation of total hexavalent chromium in Portland pozzolan cement
R. Sharma, D. K. Sharma
A Novel MK-based Geopolymer Composite Activated with Rice Husk Ash and KOH: Performance at High Temperature
M. A. Villaquirán-Caicedo, R. Mejía de Gutiérrez, N. C. Gallego
Production of more durable and sustainable concretes using volcanic scoria as cement replacement
A. M. al-Swaidani
Predicting the drying shrinkage behavior of high strength portland cement mortar under the combined influence of fine aggregate and steel micro fiber
Zhengqi Li
Impact of the use of alternative fuels on clinker reactivity
K. Serrano-González, A. Reyes-Valdez, O. Chowaniec
PCE and BNS admixture adsorption in sands with different composition and particle size distribution
M. M. Alonso, R. Martínez-Gaitero, S. Gismera-Diez, F. Puertas
Post-cracking tensile behaviour of steel-fibre-reinforced roller-compacted-concrete for FE modelling and design purposes
N. Jafarifar, K. Pilakoutas, H. Angelakopoulos, T. Bennett