Mechanical behavior of concrete columns reinforced with rheoplastic mortar


  • D. Foti Technical University of Bari
  • S. Vacca Technical University of Bari



Columns, Concrete structures, Strength, Testing of materials


The present research fits in the general thematic of the renovation of existing building with special attention to concrete structures. A series of tests have been performed with the aim to define the best solution in strengthening a deteriorated structure with a rheoplastic mortar reinforcement. Three types of possible structural reinforcing renovation on reinforced concrete pillars have been considered, with special attention to adhesion between materials with different chemical-physical and mechanical characteristics. The crack patterns obtained on the specimens have been analyzed to demonstrate the relevance of an appropriate thickness of the reinforcement to obtain an effective mechanical behavior of the reinforced concrete element over time.


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Foti, D., & Vacca, S. (2013). Mechanical behavior of concrete columns reinforced with rheoplastic mortar. Materiales De Construcción, 63(310), 267–282.



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