A comparative study of natural zeolite and synthetic zeolite as an additive in warm asphalt mixes


  • A. Alonso Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio Echeverría, La Habana
  • E. Tejeda Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio Echeverría, La Habana
  • F. Moreno Universidad de Granada
  • M. C. Rubio Universidad de Granada
  • E. Medel Universidad Politédcnica de Valencia




half-warm asphalt mixes, zeolite, environmental impact, reduction of emissions


Zeolite can be used as an ingredient in warm bituminous mixes to reduce manufacturing temperatures. The zeolite for this purpose is usually synthetic, but natural zeolite can also be used. The research presented in this paper analyzed the use of natural zeolite from Cuba in the form of sand and filler as an additive in warm asphalt mixes and compared it to asphalt mixes with synthetic zeolite. The mixes were given the Marshall tests, and their moisture sensitivity and stiffness modulus values were also obtained. The results showed that both types of mix had a similar performance, which was only slightly lower than that of the reference mix. The use of different dosages of natural zeolite in the mixes gave the best results when the zeolite was incorporated as filler. This study demonstrated that the use of natural zeolite is an effective way of reducing the temperature of bituminous mixes.


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Alonso, A., Tejeda, E., Moreno, F., Rubio, M. C., & Medel, E. (2013). A comparative study of natural zeolite and synthetic zeolite as an additive in warm asphalt mixes. Materiales De Construcción, 63(310), 195–217. https://doi.org/10.3989/mc.2013.05911



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