Application of novel synthesized nanocomposites containing κ-carrageenan/PVA/eggshell in cement mortars




Nanocomposites, Nanoeggshell, κ-carrageenan, PVA, Cement mortar


This study is a preliminary attempt to present the preparation and the first time a κ-carrageenan/PVA/eggshell nanostructure is used as a novel biodegradable and homogeneous nanostructure in cement composition. In order to clearly understand the effects these additives have on the mechanical properties of cementitious composites, they were synthesized in double and triple combinations and added into mortar mixtures. Three different cement mortar specimens were prepared by integrating the additives in ratios of 0, 0.1, 0.5 and 1% by cement weight and flexural and compressive strengths of the specimens were determined at the ages of 7 and 28 days. The flowability of the presented nanostructures was also discussed. The results revealed a 10–11% increase in both compressive and flexural strengths for the specimens prepared with the triple combination of the proposed additives. Moreover, strain capacity was enhanced as a result of the efficient dispersion of additives in the cement matrix.


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