New methods for assessing brick resistance to freeze-thaw cycles




Brick, Freezing/Thawing, Reliable classifiers of brick resistance, ROC Analysis


The aim of this research is to analyse the reliability of the existing methods, and find new ones, for assessing brick resistance to freeze-thaw cycles. A series of bricks were tested against a range of properties; compressive strength ratios pre- to post-freezing and Maage’s factor, were calculated. Using a database created in this way, an analysis of existing classifiers was carried out and new ones were established based on which bricks could be classified into resistant and non-resistant to freeze-thaw cycles. The median pore radius, the ratio of compressive strengths pre- to post-freezing and the water desorption coefficient at 180-360 minutes proved to be good classifiers with a clearly specified cut-off for the distinction between resistant and non-resistant bricks with an acceptable risk of a wrong decision. The ratio of compressive strengths pre to post freezing and the water desorption coefficient at 180-360 minutes were described using the pore system in the brick.


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