Behaviour of built light construction on expansible clays. Technical of design and rehabilitation


  • L. Arrieta Escuela Comunitaria de Vivienda. Facultad de Ingeniería Civil. Univ. C. O. Lisandro Alvarado
  • F. Sánchez Naveda C. A. Univ. Francisco de Miranda



expansible clay, pathology, design, rehabilitation, light construction


The construction pathology of housing built on expansible clays is one of the most requested topics to be investigated in order to obtain solutions mainly in housing of social interest. A vision of the solution alternatives is presented that are being applying in Venezuela and specifically in the cities of Barquisimeto and Coro where the most harmful expansion characteristics are presented registered in the world literature. This population is located to the north of the country in front of the Caribbean Sea with arid climate, deep phreatic level, appreciable loamy profile and water deficit. The investigation methodology and some proven procedures for the design of foundations in light housings and for the rehabilitation of damaged buildings are supported with the results of the researches on the part of the two authors and their research teams coming from two different Universities and with 20 years of experience in the practical field. 3 cases are illustrated, two of them with historical value in the design of housings of social interest and one of severely affected constructions and actually rehabilitated with success. Finally some practical recommendations are provided to be considered in the elaboration of projects related with the construction of light housings on expansible floors.


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Arrieta, L., & Sánchez Naveda, F. (2003). Behaviour of built light construction on expansible clays. Technical of design and rehabilitation. Materiales De Construcción, 53(271-272), 199–210.



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