Analysis of two experimental setups to study mode II fracture on fibre-reinforced gypsum notched specimens




Mode II, Shear, Push-off test, Digital image correlation, Fibre-reinforced gypsum


The main aim of this work is to study two relevant experimental setups designed for studying shear fracture and see if any of them allows studying the evolution of fracture under Mode II conditions, not only inducing a shear stress state at the onset of fracture. Two tests have been selected, a standardised test described by a Japanese standard, here referred to as the JSCE test, and the push-off test. These tests have been carried out on fibre-reinforced gypsum specimens with increasing proportions of polypropylene fibres and monitored by means of digital image correlation (DIC). The results show that fracture under Mode II conditions is relatively easy to induce with both tests, but once fracture begins, it is extremely difficult to induce a fracture process under Mode II. In general, Mode II has an important role at the onset on fracture, but Mode I predominates afterwards.


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