Influence of whitening additives on the properties of decorative slag-alkali cements and mortars




Alkali-activated slag cements, Colour stability, Pigments, Decorative cements, Freeze/thaw resistance, Behaviour


The paper shows a comparative study of the influence of whitening additives (kaolin, TiO2 and СаСО3) on the production of decorative alkali-activated slag cement and mortars with a degree of whiteness of at least 70%; as well as their influence on the structure formation and evolution of physico-mechanical properties. According to results obtained, kaolin provides chemical bonding of Na+ into insoluble zeolite-like compounds; and CaCO3 densifies the structure and reduces shrinkage deformations. At the early stages of hardening (up to 7 days), the additions of kaolin and calcite, due to their significant amount (15 and 24%), reduces the compressive strength of the cement paste; nevertheless, at later ages (until 90 days) the difference in strength almost disappears. The high colourfastness and weather resistance of pigmented cements under the influence of ultraviolet radiation and freeze/thaw cycles has been established. A comparative assessment of the economic efficiency has shown that СаСО3 is the best cost-effective additive.


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