Un método rápido y no-destructivo para medir la permeabilidad al aire del hormigón


  • R. J. Torrent "Holderbank" Management & Consulting Ltd




New device for non-destructive test. It is designed for "in situ" measurement of the impermeability to air of a concrete coating. The system is based on creating a vacuum inside a cell placed on its surface, and to measure how long does it take for the pressure to be back to the atmospheric value. The characteristic aspects of the method are: a cell with an inward chamber and a regulator to keep the pressure in balance inside this central chamber (measurement) and in the surrounding chamber (preservation ring). This ensures a single air flow direction towards the central chamber, avoiding any spurious transversal flow. The data of the measurement are processed by a microprocessor that indicates the permeability coefficient value at the end of the test which lasts 2 to 12 minutes. Results on coatings of different quality obtained through this technique are presented, which show an excellent correlation with values obtained on specimens using Cembureau method for permeability to oxigen imperviousness.


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Torrent, R. J. (1999). Un método rápido y no-destructivo para medir la permeabilidad al aire del hormigón. Materiales De Construcción, 49(254), 51–56. https://doi.org/10.3989/mc.1999.v49.i254.450



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