Monuments deterioration evaluation, using digited images. A methodology


  • María C. Ángel CEDEX-MOPTMA
  • B. Martínez CEDEX-MOPTMA
  • N. Prendes CEDEX-MOPTMA
  • F. Rodríguez HUNOSA



In this work a methodology is proposed for data processing, integrating the techniques of digital images processing and the analytical capacity of graphical referencing systems and relational databases, in relation with the monuments. The images are generated using the digital image processing and they are included into a graphical data processing systems associated with a database containing the characteristics of the ashars or constituent elements. By combination of the images with the database induced properties the information is processed. The results are thematic maps that we save such as images. These maps are layers of new information (deduced levels). The elaboration of these maps allows attacking the problems of the restoration, renovation or treatment of the different monumental spaces on a global way, paying special attention on the most gravely affected areas.


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Ángel, M. C., Martínez, B., Prendes, N., & Rodríguez, F. (1995). Monuments deterioration evaluation, using digited images. A methodology. Materiales De Construcción, 45(240), 37–46.



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