Selección de materiales para la fabricación de hormigones de alta resistencia


  • María Pilar Alaejos Gutiérrez División de Tecnología de Hormigones Laboratorio Central de Estr. y Mat (CEDEX)
  • Manuel Fernández Cánovas E.T.S.I. Caminos, Canales y Puertos (U.P.M.)



The selection of component materials is the first step in order to reach a good quality concrete. The Spanish Code EH-91 point out the different requisites for the component materials used in a normal concrete. However, these requisites may be not sufficient for a high strength concrete (HSC). In this paper we present the tests carried out in order to establish a system for selecting the component materials for a HSC, such us: cements, aggregates, admixtures. The results of the tests allow by means of normal laboratory tests to know the suitability of these materials used for making HCS. The requirements for these component materials must be higher when higher are the strengths to be reached. The exposed method allow us to save a lot of previous laboratory tests necessary until now, in order to get a high strength concrete.


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Alaejos Gutiérrez, M. P., & Fernández Cánovas, M. (1994). Selección de materiales para la fabricación de hormigones de alta resistencia. Materiales De Construcción, 44(235), 31–43.



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